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Beijing responds to die NATO and accuses it of returning to the Cold War mentality


After this die NATO leaders at the Brussels summit expressed their “concern about.” die Chinese ambitions, die them as a challenge for die Considered the foundations of the international system, had expressed, Beijing replied that the alliance die Exaggerate and exaggerate matters of Chinese threats, accusing it of “behaving with the Cold War mentality.”

In a statement today Tuesday called for die Chinese Mission to the European Union die On NATO to “view China’s growth rationally, die Stop and exaggerate Chinese threat theory die not to use his country’s legitimate interests and legal rights as an excuse to die Manipulate politics of the group “.

Cold War mentality

She also accused the Alliance of returning to the “Cold War mentality” and “artificially creating confrontations”.

In addition, was die Mission believes that the phrase “die Basics of the international system in Ask a Question” “die distorted peaceful development “, die is reached by countries die have twenty times fewer nuclear warheads than die NATO member states.

These Chinese positions came after die Leaders of NATO countries at the conclusion of their summit yesterday, Monday in Brussels, had expressed concern about Russia and China. The allies reiterated that “China’s stated ambitions and persistent behavior die Basics of the rule-based international order and in Areas die For die Alliance security are important in Ask a Question.”

NATO Secretary General and US President (Archive – Reuters)

However, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg later tried to mitigate the weight of the summit’s final declaration by saying: “China is not our adversary or enemy, but we have to face the challenges, die it provides for our safety. “

US President Joe Biden said that “Russia and China are trying to sow discord among the members of the Atlantic,” but stressed that the latter was united and solid.

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