Beijing rolls back Corona restrictions on entering in public places, hotels and shopping malls

The Chinese capital, Beijing, has once again tightened restrictions to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Beijing registered a number today, Tuesday record of new Covid-19 infections, while a series of strict restrictions were imposed on the city, as a result of which residents returned to remote education and work, while many restaurants closed.

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The reintroduced measures included entry restrictions in public places, hotels and shopping malls.

More than 28,000 new infections were recorded nationwide, bringing the number close to the highest level recorded since the outbreak. And Guangdong provinces and Chongqing city have recorded more than 16,000 and 6,300 injuries respectively, according to health authorities.

Yesterday, Monday, Beijing again decided to tighten entry restrictions for travelers to fight the Corona epidemic, and students began to study online in many areas of the Chinese capital.

New infections in Beijing have also more than doubled in recent days, to 1,438 cases on Tuesday, compared to 621 on Sunday. record for the city.

The second economic power in the world adheres to the policy “zero Covid”, by imposing lockdown measures, large-scale examinations and quarantines to control the spread of the epidemic, a policy that has been successful in prime stages of the spread of the virus.

China closes public places due to Corona

But the recent surge in infections is evidence of how resilient this policy is, as officials try to avoid a lockdown in the whole city, as happened in Shanghai for two months in April since the restrictions in at that time they undermined the economy of the financial center and its image internationally.

Three elderly people in Beijing suffering from other illnesses died of Covid over the weekend, according to authorities, in China’s first recorded deaths from the outbreak since May.

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