Beijing: Worried about escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula

Upon arriving for talks in Seoul this week, the Chinese envoy for Korean Peninsula Affairs said Beijing is concerned about the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, adding that the manifestations of tensions and their own needs to be addressed. cause deep.

North Korea has conducted a series of test on weapons quest’year, from hypersonic missiles to intercontinental ballistic missiles, in the midst of denuclearization talks in stall.

North Korea has not tested ICBMs or nuclear weapons since 2017. Officials in Seoul and Washington say there are indications of preparations for a new test nuclear.

Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese government’s special representative for Korean Peninsula Affairs, told reporters at Seoul airport on Sunday that the “legitimate and reasonable concerns of all sides” must be acknowledged for a political solution.

“We ask all parties to exercise calm and restraint and we disagree with any party’s actions that could lead to an escalation of tension,” he said. in a summary of his comments on Twitter.

On his first visit in South Korea since he joined in charged in April 2021, Liu will meet his South Korean counterpart, nuclear envoy Noh Kyo-dok on Tuesday. He may also meet with representatives of South Korean President-elect Yoon Seok-yeol, who will enter in charged on May 10, Yonhap News Agency reported.

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