Beja glasses: beware of the return of the armed movement in eastern Sudan

After stressing last week that the transitional government “underestimates” the issue of eastern Sudan, Muhammad al-Amin Turk, head of the Supreme Council of Beja Optics and Independent Al-Amoudiya, announced that the council has asked the UN mission to cancel the path, stressing that this is the request of the people of the East and there is no compromise in it, according to its expression.

He stressed that the mission had diplomatically discussed the issues, underlining its awareness of the magnitude of the tension in that region.

On Thursday he also underlined, in the statements to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, the astonishment of the council at the insistence of the state on this path, declaring to adhere to the position of the tribes and not accepting any concessions.

Warning of the return of armed movement

He also believes that the government and the international community must reverse these trends if they want stability in the east and not a return to battles and armed clashes.

He added that a negotiating platform must be established that includes all components and that each party takes its rights, explaining that the problem is not the requests for service, but the historical rights that have been marginalized since 1956, according to him.

He also revealed that the people of eastern Sudan are eagerly awaiting self-determination and will accept nothing less, warning of a sedition aimed at setting the region on fire.

The East is not a hook for government failures

He believed that the government should contribute to the success of the UN mission meetings by taking a step to stabilize the country, and also helping to lift the closure.

He added that the civilian government has lost strength due to the military component’s inability to respond to security solutions, stressing that he wants to make what is happening in eastern Sudan an excuse for its failures, as he said.

Beja glasses: beware of the return of the armed movement in eastern Sudan

From protests in eastern Sudan (archive – AFP)

Furthermore, the official hoped that things would not escalate further in appreciation and respect for the Sudanese people, hoping that the President of the Transitional Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, his deputy, and Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok would dissolve the government and erase the tracks, remembering that the Council does not target the Prime Minister in person, but because the solution is a problem The East lies in dissolving the government.

Interestingly, Al-Burhan met with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok last week to discuss the possibility of reaching a solution to the crisis in eastern Sudan, especially after the government temporarily suspended previous negotiations with the eastern tribes. , but the aforementioned meeting did not lead to tangible results, according to what was confirmed at the time by sources in Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath.

Protests in Port Sudan

The crisis began last September 17 (2021), after protests against the historic agreement of pace signed by the transitional government in October 2020 in the city of Juba with some movements and tribes who took up arms during the al-Bashir era.

The demonstrators called for the abolition of the aforementioned agreement, believing that it does not guarantee equal representation of the eastern Sudan region and its tribes.

The most important organizers and participants of those protests came from the Beja tribes, who are the original inhabitants of the area.

From protests in eastern Sudan (archive - AFP)

From protests in eastern Sudan (archive – AFP)

It is interesting to note that the eastern region of Sudan includes three states: the Red Sea, Kassala and Gedaref.It is considered strategic because it borders Eritrea, Egypt and Ethiopia, and its coast extends over the Red Sea with a length of 714 km and has oil ports, but also includes the poorest areas of the country.

Many of its residents complain of economic neglect and deteriorating living conditions.

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