Belarus President Orders Government to Resume Communications with Poland Amid Border Tensions and Divided Positions on Ukraine War

The President of Belarus Orders Communications with Poland to Resume

Tensions and Divided Positions in Ukraine War

The President of Belarus, Viktor Lukashenko, announced today, Friday, that he had ordered his government to resume communications with Poland, in light of border tensions between the two countries and divided positions in about the war in Ukraine.

“It is necessary to talk to the Poles. I ordered the prime minister to communicate with them,” Lukashenko said, the official Belta news agency reported.

There is great tension between Belarus, an ally of Moscow, and Poland, a NATO member, which is providing financial and military assistance to Kiev.

Poland announced Thursday that it intends to deploy around ten thousand soldiers, in order to protect “in deterrent way” its eastern border with Belarus.

Lukashenko’s Perspective on Poland’s Actions

Lukashenko believes that the Polish government is trying to “escalate and exacerbate the situation to show that it has armed and rearmed the country in appropriately” with the forthcoming “October 15 (legislative) election” in Poland.

He felt it was “unlikely” that there would be “significant changes” in Warsaw’s position within a month or two that would be “beneficial to them and to us”.

“They are asking a lot of us… but we can’t accept it, because it would be against our interests,” he added.

He underlined his “openness to cooperation”, directly accusing “the Americans of betting on Poland” to stoke tension in the region amid the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

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