Belarus: Sudden military exercises do not threaten our neighbors

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus confirmed that its armed forces began large-scale surprise military exercises today Wednesday to test their combat readiness.

The ministry said in a statement that the drills will include the transport of large numbers of military vehicles, which could slow traffic on public roads.

He also said the exercises pose no threat to his neighbors in light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, or for the European community in general.

Close ally of Russia

Interestingly, Belarus, located on the northern border of Ukraine, is a close ally of Russia, which has conducted joint military exercises in Belarus before the start of the military operation in Ukraine.

While the regions bordering Belarus in Ukraine, including the capital Kiev, were the subject of a Russian attack in the first phase of the military operation which began on 24 February.

And the Ukrainian military said earlier this month that there was a threat that Russia would launch missile strikes from the territory of Belarus.

It is noteworthy that Belarus, in addition to Moscow, was also subject to a number of sanctions due to the Ukrainian file, which were imposed by the European Union and European countries, including the banking and sports sector, as well as the maritime sector. and cryptocurrencies.

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