Belarusian Medical University President Announces Innovative Methods for Dental Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

Sergei Rubnikovich Announces Advancements in Dental Diagnosis and Treatment in Belarus

Sergei Rubnikovich, President of the Belarusian Medical University, announced the widespread use of new methods and means in the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases in the Republic of Belarus.

New Project Underway for Anti-Tooth Decay Vaccine

The university president, the country’s chief dentist, points out that experts are working to create an anti-tooth decay vaccine as part of a new project that began this year.

He says: “At the beginning of last January, we launched a new project regarding creating a vaccine or medicines to treat tooth decay. We are working with chemists at the National Academy of Sciences to devise a vaccine or medicine that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that cause tooth decay.”

Advancements in Diagnosis and Treatment

According to him, in addition to the introduction and use of new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of various dental diseases, cellular techniques are used in the treatment of patients with diseases of the dental pulp (neurovascular bundle), and new methods for the treatment of temporomandibular diseases.

Source: TASS

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