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Belgium: Kiev is not ready to negotiate and its goal is to restore Crimea

With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in its ninth month, it does not appear that Ukraine is ready to negotiate with Russia to stop the fighting.

Belgian Army Chief of Staff Michel Hoffman confirmed that Ukrainian forces are making headway in battles in Kiev and are not ready to negotiate now.

“Ukrainians don’t seem at all willing to go and negotiate,” he said.

restoration of the Crimea

He also indicated, in a long interview with the Belgian magazine “Le Soir”, that Ukraine is determined to regain Crimea, which Russia annexed to its territory in 2014.

Furthermore, he stressed that these nine months of war have changed, in his opinion, the mentality and concepts in the field of security and defense, adding that his country is learning lessons and is determined to support the Ukrainian authorities.

Interestingly, Kiev had confirmed more than once during the last period, its refusal to conclude any agreement or negotiation with the Kremlin, prior to the withdrawal of all Russian forces from Ukrainian lands, including Crimea, and “Moscow ne paid the price”.

While Moscow responded, saying that “the end of the war is very easy, and could happen as soon as Kiev implements its demands”, i.e. stop “Ukrainian provocations” and anything that would threaten Russian national security, and stop Ukrainian efforts to join NATO, as well as the granting and eventual recognition of Moscow’s sovereignty over Crimea.

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