Belgium: Turkey has no place in The European Union

After months of surveillance, the Belgian parliament announced on Monday that there was no room for die Membership of Turkey in the European Union and Ankara offered a progressive partnership.

The story began after Europe put Ankara under surveillance until June in March of last year for the worsening rights and freedoms in to counteract Turkey despite the promises made in this regard by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

At the end of last month he demanded die Turkey on, on die To maintain standards, die are necessary to revitalize relations with the countries of the European Union, and die Re-start accession negotiations by starting a reform process in Takes an attack that focuses on the rule of law, protection of fundamental rights and politics to end the repression of the opposition.

He also pointed to die Need to stop hostile activities against Greece and Cyprus.

The European Union strives to die “Declaration of the European Union on Turkey” to revive in 2016, with the die Arrival of migrants to the Greek islands has been drastically reduced. Years ago, under the aforementioned agreement, Europe offered to provide Turkey with € 6 billion (US $ 7.1 billion) in aid to Syrian refugees and incentives. Another is to prevent immigrants from reaching European countries.

Belgium: Turkey has no place in The European Union

Protests in Turkey (Archive – Reuters)

Strong criticism of human rights

It is noteworthy that a few days ago the European Parliament confirmed that it would reject any new customs agreement that did not involve improved human rights conditions in Turkey goes hand in hand.

Ankara became in Human rights issues international often criticized because die Members of the European Union demanded die Negotiate with her about die Freeze membership while die necessary reforms related to democracy are not implemented.

Syrian refugees on the Turkish-Greek border (Reuters)

Syrian refugees on the Turkish-Greek border (Reuters)

It is noteworthy that die Talks between Turkey and the European Union about die Act of First Accession to the Union began in 2005 and in have been discontinued in recent years due to political and diplomatic crises, and die European Union decided to officially suspend it.

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