Bell Bottom Box Office Day 3: Akshay Kumar Starrer Has Some Growth On Saturday

Bell Bottom Box Office Day 3: Akshay Kumar Starrer Has Some Growth On Saturday
Box Office – Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom has some growth on Saturday (Photo Credit: IMDb)

After bringing in around 2.75 crores* each on Thursday and Friday, Bell Bottom saw some sort of growth on Saturday with 3.25 crores* coming in. In the pre-pandemic days, films used to grow by 50%-75% if they started at such levels. However, things are different now and hence also totally unpredictable. Until there are four or five new films that release and their trend is observed, one can’t say with utmost assurance if the growth pattern would be on the same lines as before, it would take a different dimension now.

Coming to the Akshay Kumar starrer though, the film stands at 8.75 crores* currently and it has to be seen if numbers grow any further today. While it is Rakshabandhan today, one also has to consider the fact that it’s also a regular Sunday. Delhi has allowed night shows to play but then it’s Monday tomorrow so there won’t be much of a difference overall. The collections could well be around the 3.50 crores today and anything else that comes in would be added bonus.

The word of mouth around Bell Bottom is good but then audiences have stayed away from theatres for so long that it would take a few more releases before things come anywhere close to being normal. The first step in this direction needs to be 100% occupancy being allowed as that would give audiences some sort of an impression that things are normal.

*Estimates. Final numbers awaited

Note: All collections as per production and distribution sources

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. Bell Bottom Box Office Day 3: Akshay Kumar Starrer Has Some Growth On Saturday .

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