Belmadi clarifies that Mahrez has not been called up in Algerian national team after the clamor for his absence

Algeria: Algerian national team manager Djamel Belmadi was surprised on Monday by the uproar caused by the failure to call up the team captain, Manchester City forward Riyad Mahrez, explaining that the matter does not require all these questions. Belmadi felt, in a press conference held in the Algerian capital, which “there is no problem” defined Mahrez’s absence, and that “the most important thing is because he is not here” with the group preparing for the Nations Cup African 2023 qualifying match, Saturday against Uganda. THE media and the Algerian bloggers on social network caused an uproar that lasted several days after announcing the absence of the captain and star of the national team Riyad Mahrez “due to injury”, and the controversy intensified after the player posted his photos during his holiday in Marrakech. In response, Belmadi said: “The health of the player is the most important thing to me. We have received a report from the club, and that’s enough for me “. I had never “called an injured person to verify the injury” from the team doctor, as requested by the Algerian newspapers. He added: “Mahrez hasn’t played important games with his team club and did not complete the last game due to injury “surprising the player’s good faith, above all” that Mahrez has always been good in national team. “From the lack of qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, following the defeat against Cameroon in the second leg of the African Continental Supplement, Belmadi was the subject of much criticism, so much so that he was called by the Algerians “Minister of Happiness” for via the positive results he has achieved since 2018. After a period of hesitation, the Algerian coach has decided the winner of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations to continue in his position “for the people” at least until his contract expires in December 2022. (AFP)