Belmadi shows “red eyes” for the national doubles

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: National elector Jamal Belmadi expressed his annoyance with some binational players, in particularly their families, for not encouraging their children to represent the Algerian national team, warning from Franco all those who contacted them – Algerians, to leave their accounts permanently, if they manage to snatch the card from the Cameroonian lions of nominations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In a report entitled “There is no place for those who deviate from the World Cup separator”, the newspaper “Al-Shorouk” said that Belmadi spoke deliberately in sharp tone of the players of Algerian origin, who procrastinate and evade the officers, to procrastinate to talk about their international future, as well as those who have rejected the idea of ​​representing the warriors of the desert, hoping to reproduce once again the rare experience of Zinedine Zidane . Jamal reassured the Algerian public opinion about the future of the brighter jewels of the children of immigrants in Europe, noting that they have communicated personally with all the names who have enough quality and talent to give a real addition to the team in the coming years, including the former rebel Hossam Awar, who has opened his arms to the national team, and is now reviewing the his calculations to represent Algeria, taking advantage of the recent changes to the FIFA rules, which have helped Mounir El Haddadi escape the hell of Spain and return to the homeland of his Moroccan ancestors. The coach added: “They know well they are a great addition to the national team. We have contacted them all. Their families have not done their duty to influence their decisions or at least encourage them to play for the Algerian national team. Houssem Aouar, ad example, he knows very well how much we need him, him and so many players who look like him, and I want these players to be in national team, “noting that he will be patient until Cameroon’s two matches are completed, after which he will settle for his loyal men who deserve to play the World Cup in Doha. The report stated that Belmadi deliberately awakened the genes Algerians within the Aouar and the rest of the players who are still choosing between Algeria and the other European teams, in order to motivate them to take advantage of the last opportunity, by joining the field in March, to support Riyad Mahrez and the rest of his teammates in the difficult feat against the third El Kahn O forgetting the green jersey until further notice, especially those who have declared loyalty to France in the manner of Aouar, Croman Favre, Amine Guiri and Yassine Adly, who will transfer him to Milan next season.

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