Ben Davies rejoiced at “extremely emotional moment” at Tottenham after extending contract until 2025

LONDON: Tottenham Hotspur defender Ben Davies said he is having “a very exciting time” with Tottenham after extending his contract with Tottenham. club until 2025. The Welsh international, who joined Tottenham from Swansea City eight years ago, did not hesitate to extend his contract with the club for another year until 2025. Ben Davies told the site web of Tottenham Hotspur: “After what he witnessed last season and what the club did questsummer, I don’t think there is a more exciting time to be at club of this. “” I love playing here and when the opportunity came to extend my contract, I was very happy to do so. “He continued:” This is a very important period in football, especially as the player’s career is very short and the players in football move a lot between teams, so I’m honored to continue here. “” We have brought in players who we hope will play a role in our development as a team and improve our competitiveness throughout the season. “Ben Davies, 29 years, he participated in 721 games in all competitions and played 58 matches with the team in European competitions, to be among the five most participating players with Tottenham in Europe. (Dpa)