Benfica’s defense forces Barcelona to draw 0-0 at Camp Nou

Madrid: Benfica imposed a 0-0 draw against Barcelona on Tuesday in Champions League at Camp Nou, which means that the second team qualified for the round of 16 in Group E, accompanied by Bayern Munich, will decide in the last round of the group stage. Barcelona are two points clear of Benfica, with one round to go, but face a difficult task at the end of the group when heading in Germany to face Bayern, which so far has a record perfect. Benfica meet Dinamo Kiev in Lisbon in their last match. The Benfica manager said on Monday that “a draw would be worse for Barcelona” and he was right. Benfica defended in solidly, he closed the gaps with a five-line defense and left possession of the ball to Barcelona most of the time, but away from goal. For Barcelona, ​​the game was another disappointment and at the moment they only have two goals in five matches of the tournament group. (Reuters)

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