Bengali filmmaker Buddhadev Dasgupta passed away.

Different films of Indian languages ​​have made their own identity in the Indian film industry. Out of which the series of Bengali films has also been very special. The veteran filmmakers of Bengali films have been seen making their mark very well. We have lost many great actors of the Indian film industry this year. Meanwhile, the news now is that filmmaker Buddhadev Dasgupta has passed away, Buddhadev is best known for Bengali films. Buddhadev Dasgupta at 6 am today. He took his last breath around. Buddhadev was troubled due to kidney related disease. He breathed his last this morning at his Kolkata home. Family members say that Buddhadev was ill for the last one year, he used to have trouble walking. Dialysis was being treated for a long time. Even today he had an appointment for dialysis. But this morning when his wife went to wake him up, Buddhadev had left this world.

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This news created an atmosphere of mourning in the film industry. Buddhadev left his style of artistry and storytelling among us and went away. Many artists from the industry remembered him and paid tribute. Director Goutam Ghosh, Anik Dutt and actor Prasonjit Chatterjee paid tribute to him on social media and were seen remembering the special moments spent with him. Buddhadev Dasgupta’s last directed film was ‘Urojahaj’. He made some of the best movies like Uttara, Tahadar Kotha, Charachar, Lal Darga, Swapner Din, Mando Meyer Anecdote and Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa. Starting his career with documentary films, Buddhadev started the journey of feature length films. His films used to show glimpses of the stories of today’s era and common people in society. Heartfelt tribute to Buddhadev ji.

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