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Bennett assures Putin of the importance of resisting Iranian nuclear progress


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett stressed on Thursday, in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the importance of “standing firm” against Iran’s progress in its nuclear project.

A spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Ofir Gendelman said Bennett discussed the talks with Putin in course in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program.

According to a statement from Bennett’s office, the two officials discussed “several issues, the first of which are regional security files” and agreed to “continue close cooperation in the region.”

Against the backdrop of nuclear talks in course in Vienna, Bennett stressed “the importance of resisting the progress that Iran has made in its nuclear project”.

According to the information, Bennett stressed the need to prevent Iran from progressing towards a nuclear military capability. Bennett and Putin also discussed the Israeli-Russian coordination file in Syria and the Iranian position there.

For its part, the Russian presidency said that Putin discussed with Bennett “Russian-Israeli cooperation on Syria, the settlement in Middle East and the Iranian nuclear program “.

In another context, Putin informed the Israeli Prime Minister during the conversation about the “main approaches to the solution of the Ukrainian internal conflict”.

The Kremlin statement added that Putin informed Bennett “about the Russian initiative on security guarantees and working with the United States and NATO”.

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