Bennett calls for urgent international action to respond to Iran and warns: the time has come

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called for a swift international response from Iran on the possibility of Iran possessing nuclear weapons following the report from the International Atomic Energy Agency, released earlier this week.

Bennett said that “Israel takes the situation described in the report very seriously and will do whatever it is in its power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. “” Iran continues to lie to the world and promotes a nuclear weapons development program while denying its international obligations, “he added.

Bennett called for a “rapid international response” to Iran’s attempts to acquire a nuclear weapon and believed that a firm stance could lead to a change in the “regime of Tehran” as he described it.

“The IAEA report warns that the time has come for action, so one should not continue with the naive expectation that Iran is willing to change its habits through negotiations that have proved futile,” explained the prime minister. .

Bennett spoke to US President Joe Biden last month, where he said there is no point in returning to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in light of progress in Iran’s nuclear program.

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