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Bennett: My visit to Abu Dhabi aims to raise the level of relationships


Today, Thursday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett arrived in the United Arab Emirates and will meet with its president, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The office of the Israeli prime minister said, in a declaration, that the visit took place “in response to the invitation of the president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, to whom Prime Minister Naftali Bennett went this morning for a quick visit “.

The statement also added that Bennett will meet with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in his private mansion later in the day, and the two will hold an extensive business meeting, in the presence of members of their teams.

The statement quoted Bennett as saying he aims to “build a new level” in Israeli-Emirati relations that began two years ago.

Bennett’s office stressed that today’s meeting is “the third that has brought them together in recent months, having met last December in Abu Dhabi and then in March. in Egypt”.

Interestingly, the UAE announced in 2020, under the administration of former US President Donald Trump, the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel, after the two sides signed the “Abraham Accords”.

Bahrain then joined the UAE in normalizing relations with Israel, becoming the third and fourth Arab country to sign pace after Egypt and Jordan.

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