Bennett: Whoever fires missiles at Israel bears the responsibility

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Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett confirmed today Sunday that any party that launches rockets at Israel will bear responsibility, in reference to the two rockets launched yesterday from Gaza near Tel Aviv.

At the beginning of a government session, he added that the Israeli air force attacked a number of targets last night. in A Hamas missile production complex in Khan Yunis.

He also made it clear that the Israeli army also hit several Hamas sites on the Gaza border.

Bomb a Hamas site

And the sounds of the bombing were heard last night in Khan Yunis, as the correspondent of Al-Arabiya reported that Israeli warplanes targeted the Qadisiyah site belonging to Hamas in the southern Gaza Strip with about 12 missiles. .

Later, the Israeli army spokesman announced that “warplanes and helicopters bombed a series of targets in the Hamas missile complex and tanks bombed Hamas military sites on the border with Gaza.”

He added in a statement that “these goals have been attacked in response to missile attacks from the Gaza Strip to the Mediterranean coast, west of the Dan block “.

At the same time, Cairo entered the line of mediation between the two sides, to calm and stop the escalation, inviting Hamas and Tel Aviv to restraint.

Interestingly, the last time Israeli planes launched attacks on sites in Gaza was on September 7, after firing balloons at Israeli settlements and cities.

violent campaign

The Gaza Strip witnessed a violent Israeli military campaign last May (2021) that killed more than 250 Palestinians and destroyed much of the infrastructure in Gaza, which is densely populated and under the control of Hamas.

What prompted Egypt to enter the mediation line, and to sponsor a truce announced on May 12, after which Israel allowed a partial opening of the Gaza crossings and entry of basic humanitarian needs while maintaining extensive restrictions on imports and exports.

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