Best Delivery Of Keto Meals For 2022

Keeping oneself honest on the keto diet can be difficult, as can cooking on the keto diet. Carbohydrates, after all, are quite appealing. Using a keto meal delivery service is one approach to achieving your diet goals. Get tailored, keto-friendly meals delivered right to your door with a meal delivery service. Because of the extreme popularity of keto, several healthy meal delivery businesses offer delectable low-carb and no-carb meals. It will keep keto – or paleo – a total click if you choose the proper one. I put some popular options to the test to provide you with the top keto meal delivery services in 2022.

Although the keto (short for ketogenic diet) began as a fad decades ago, it is now one of the most popular. People are driven to keto – and other low-carbohydrate diets – for various reasons, including reducing one’s total carbohydrate intake for weight loss or increasing protein intake to aid in muscle gain or training. As a result, numerous delivery services now provide keto-friendly options. Indeed, several of the most popular meal kit businesses, such as Chef at Home is Green Chef, provide low-carb meal plans with eight or nine keto menu options to pick from each week. Even other meal delivery businesses will send keto and paleo ready meals via a weekly pass or a one-order time if you don’t want to cook at all.

However, not all low-carb meals are made equal, so I put a couple of the most popular keto regimens to the test to see which ones are tasty and terrible. There is a healthy and bespoke meal delivery service for you, whether you want to eat keto and organic or are enthusiastic about low-carb versions of comfort cuisine classics produced with fresh ingredients. After trying all of the keto meal kits on this list – and many more, I might add – I’ve found the most delicate keto meal delivery to help you maintain your low-carb diet while allowing you to eat more grilled chicken and vegetables.

And if you’re not sure if you want to try a keto meal kit service or don’t want to commit to a subscription, know that all of these companies allow you to pause or cancel your subscription at any time and without charge. Some even offer the option of a one-time payment to avoid a subscription to everything. Most offer appealing trial discounts and even incentives for new customers, so there’s not much standing between you and some economical keto options.

As we try out new food delivery services, we’ll keep this list up to date.

Fresh and lean
Fresh and lean

Grammar nazis will advise you that you should be “fresh and lean.” But, if you can get beyond the apostrophe, I can tell you that Fresh Leann is the greatest keto meal delivery service I’ve experienced. Period. Not only was the healthy meal beautifully cooked, but it also looked appealing. Wasn’t it also overpriced? Fresh n’Lean offers keto meal plans for people looking for low-carb diet meals with plenty of nutritious proteins and fats, and the food was delicious.

With Fresh n’Lean, you may choose from 13 weekly meals and choose between a conventional Low-carb or a low-carb vegan meal plan. A fish in almond crust over cherry tomatoes and olives, tender beef stroganoff with mushrooms and asparagus, and chili con carne without beans with cauliflower are just a few of the unique keto diet appetizers you’ll get with this meal service.

Fresh n’Lean keto plans start at around $11 each meal, which isn’t the cheapest on our list, but if you’re seeking high-quality, low-carbohydrate meals for your ketogenic diet, Fresh n’Lean is my clear choice.

Keto meals per week: 13

Fresh and meager prices: Meals cost between $11 and $15 depending on the program.

Home Chef
Home Chef

If you want to make keto dinners at home, Home Chef features the most versatile meal packages of any service we’ve evaluated, making it a great option for individuals following a low-carb ketogenic diet.

Carbohydrates for the Home Chef The regular Conscious meal plan costs roughly $7 per dish. You’ll have up to seven meals each week, plus special Culinary Collection meals for an additional fee. Most Home Chef dinners are hearty and nutritious without being unduly tricky, and some of their keto recipes take 25 minutes to prepare.

Home Chef has a nice feature where you can replace or double the protein in any meal. Since keto dieters are crazy about protein, finding the proper low-carb meals every week is easier. As if that wasn’t enough, Home Chef also offers oven-ready keto-friendly dinner alternatives such as sesame chicken with cilantro and lime broccoli, which require almost no cutting or preparation. Simply put the ingredients on the included baking sheet and have keto-friendly meals ready in 30 to 40 minutes.

Keto-friendly meals per week: 7 standard (plus 3-4 premium meals)

Home chef prices: Meal plans start at $7 per serving. Two meals for Two people is about $40 a week, plus shipping.

Ketone bodies give ketone meals with some of the best components we’ve ever encountered. In his nutritious low-carb meals, the healthy meal service uses only grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pig, chicken, and a high percentage of organic items. Ketone uses regenerative agriculture to create a more sustainable product from start to finish. Creamy chicken piccata with roasted veggies, Spanish meatloaf with cauliflower rice, and grilled pork chop with roasted pumpkin and green beans are just a few of the keto menu favorites from the keto meal delivery service. I tried all three and loved them all and found Ketoned Bodies’ low carb cuisine to be tasty and well prepared.

As you might guess, organic ingredients come with a higher cost. Meals with tags and ketone bodies cost roughly $15 each meal, depending on how many orders are placed, making it one of the most costly. Must you not hear the good news? You may subscribe and put a single charge at a time, so if you want to stock up on organic meals, and keto (and have room) in your freezer, you can order a more significant quantity – which means cheaper meals – and reach for them whenever you need them.

Beyond standard appetizers, Ketoned has a Carnivore Menu with meat-based dishes like bacon-wrapped pork chops and slow-cooked chicken with cheddar and bacon for vegetarians.

Keto-friendly meals per week: 32

Prices of ketone bodies: Meals cost between $14 and $16 each.

Green Chef
Green Chef

One of the cleanest meal kit delivery businesses, Green Chef offers a variety of diet options, including a low-carbohydrate diet called the “keto diet.” The Green Chef Meal Kit offers unique keto meal packages like Creamy Chicken Alfredo with fried pumpkin noodles or za’atar cheese over cauliflower couscous.

High-quality, usually organic ingredients are paired with Green Chef’s inventive recipes to justify the higher price tag. When you get four meal kits per week with four or more servings per meal, you’ll pay around $11.50 per serving for the Keto or Paleo meal plans. You’ll save money by ordering fewer meals, but if you’re looking for great, low-carb meals to consume at home and prefer organic ingredients, Green Chef is your best bet.

Keto-friendly meal kit per week: 9

Green Chef Prices: Keto and paleo meal kit plans are about $13 per serving.

Pete's Paleo
Pete’s Paleo

Many aspects of the paleo and keto diets are similar, but there are some key differences. Pete’s Paleo is a good option if you’re looking for a paleo diet that allows for foods like carrots and sweet potatoes that are nutritious and filling. Pete’s Paleo still offers plenty of low-carb, keto-friendly dishes, but this isn’t the company’s primary diet plan.

My experience with the service’s healthy alternatives, including plenty of protein and fat, has been nothing but positive. The pork shoulder, sweet potatoes, and celery in a slow-cooked stew were delicious. It’s yet another victory. That juicy Mediterranean chicken leg dinner, perhaps? Served with pumpkin and cauliflower pasta and salty olives, Is this a nutritious and well-prepared dish? high-quality components that adhere to the paleo diet

Keto / Paleo-friendly meals per week: 20-25

Prices: A one-time order of six bowls of keto cauliflower for $77 or a bundle of 10 for $112 is available. Still, the price is confusing, and there are various possibilities. Premium a la cart keto and paleo alternatives are available for between $16 and $20. More complex recipes like braised brisket and pork butt are included in this category.

Starting at $80, you can sign up for Pete’s Paleo’s weekly meal plans, which include five home-cooked meals with 5 oz of protein and 7 oz of vegetables each week.


FreshlyFit is the healthiest offshoot of the renowned Freshly meal delivery service, which I’ve also recently written about. ‘You can get up to $8.50 each meal if you purchase 12 meals a week from FreshlyFit’s keto and paleo-friendly menus. With just six meals per week, FreshlyFit is an excellent option for anyone on a budget looking for healthy keto meals delivered on a regular basis.

FreshlyFit’s keto plan had a few meals that I didn’t care for, but for the most part, they were good. Comfort foods such as shepherd’s pie with cauliflower puree can be found on the keto diet. On top of all that, the chicken and bison burgers with sauteed vegetables were delicious.

FreshlyFit offers a weekly changing menu of 23 keto-friendly meals, which should keep you from growing bored with the service. Steak and other beef meals typically add an additional $2 to $3 to the cost of a meal.

Keto-friendly meals per week: 23

FreshlyFit prices: Plans start at $8.50 per meal.

Other keto meal delivery services we have tried

Factor: This healthy meal service went well in a taste test but it was similar to Fresh N ‘Lean in both price point and style. Fresh N ‘Lean was just, well, better. Factor – sometimes called Factor75 – is priced between $ 11 and $ 15 per meal depending on how many meals you choose. Read my full Factor review.

Local foods: Is this meal delivery service’s portion size excessive? Despite their high price tags (up to $15 a dinner), the portions are modest, and the food itself is passable. You can try this if you want to lose weight and reduce your calorie intake by controlling portion sizes. The price tag isn’t even close to justifying it.

FlexPro: I would not recommend this service because these frozen keto meals were among the worst I’ve ever had.

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