Best Fantasy Cable Receipts for Week 16

Welcome to Week 16 Resignation Wire, where you have come to try and find the ultimate source of inspiration you need to win your fantasy football championship in Week 16 (or reach the finals if you play 17 weeks). Regardless of your situation, we are here for you. Generally, you probably have a stack of teams if you make it so far, but injuries could open up some opportunities for a bed worth taking advantage of.

We’ll start with the wide body that Tampa Bay gets. There, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have hurt their hamstrings in successive weeks (and Scotty Miller, who contacted Sunday, was also injured). That leaves Breshad Perriman, a former first round pick, who brought three touchdowns in Week 15, perhaps the top guy available on the waiver wire. He has teamed up with former SPARQ standout Justin Watson in two sets, and we know Jameis Winston will continue to throw. Add a good matchup with the Texans and if you are looking for a Godwin pickup and replacement, they should probably come from the same team.

Likewise, things have opened up for the Jaguars passing the game with DJ Chark (foot) out. Chris Conley scored twice and Keelan Cole led the team to the yards (76) on Week 15. With one fight against the Falcons on deck for Week 16, both are in the game.

The help behind the help can come from Minnestota, Detroit and Miami. We know, yuck at the last two. But the Lions did this unnamed routine with a man named Wes Hills, who went to Slippery Rock and had two landing on Sunday. It may not matter with Kerryon Johnson (knee) eligible to return from IR, however, and if Kerryon is back, you should add him. For the Dolphins, both Patrick Laird and Myles Gaskin get double-digit touches and play the Bengals in Week 16. For the Vikings, it’s unclear who will start next week with Dalvin Cook (shoulder) starting last week and Alexander Mattison ankle) not yet fit, but Mike Boone handled most of the second half for the Vikings, so it’s worth it as well as Mattison.

You’ll also find the usual number of “quarterback” and “tight streaming end” options below, along with many potential D / ST streams. O.J. Howard here in the introduction, as injuries to the Tampa Bay receivers helped him lead TB to goals last week with eight, which was a high season. You won’t get a more talented TE for the resignation wire this late in the season.

Come back with this list until Tuesday night, as we’ll update it based on injury news, Monday night action and any news that pops up about time and holiday breaks.

  • # 1

    Alexander Mattison / Mike Boone, RB, Vikings

    Boone took over when Dalvin Cook (chest / shoulder) left early in the second half of week 15 and reached a long way with 49 yards and two TDs in 13. Boone was already full of Cook’s handcuffsAlexander Mattison(ankle), so it’s unclear who will start next week if Cook is sidelined. Mattison will be worth a Boone discharge claim if he is healthy, but in any case, anyone who starts for the Vikings next Monday against the Packers will be of great value. – Matt Lutovsky

  • # 2

    Breshad Perriman / Justin Watson, WRs, Buccaneers

    We were all over Perriman coming into Week 15 due to Mike Evans’ absence (jerk), and he returned to the big road with five catches (six goals) for 113 yards and three TDs against the Lions. He got two of his early scores when Chris Godwin was still in, and caught another late after Godwin left due to a hamstring injury. Regardless of Godwin’s status, Perriman should be one of the top claims this week, and it is almost necessary to start next Saturday in a favorable match with the Texans. If Godwin is out, Perriman should see even more goals. Watson is a worthy carrier, too, if Godwin and Scotty Miller (hamstring) are out of ML

  • # 3

    Antonis Miller, WR, bears

    Miller was one of our favorite hangers, and it took a while, but eventually he started paying. He has scored nine team-high flights in 15 high teams for 118 yards and a score against the Packers in Week 15. In his last five games, Miller has caught 33 passes (52 goals) for 431 yards and two TDs. It’s clearly a big part of the offense, and it has been proven that it can even produce tough matchups. Worth starting as WR3 next week against Chiefs.-ML

  • # 4

    Kerryon Johnson, RB, Lions

    Johnson has not played since Week 7, but is expected to return in Week 16 to face the Broncos. Not a big matchup, but Johnson was a solid touchdown producer when he was healthy, scoring four times in five complete games. It was an average of just 3.3 yards per carry, but with an average of 19.2 yards per game, there were plenty of chances. He probably won’t see many touches in his first game back, but the Lions wouldn’t activate him if they didn’t use him. If Johnson isn’t turned on, thenWes Hills, who scored twice and had 12 touchdowns in Week 15, would be a distant FLEX.-ML

  • # 5

    Keelan Cole / Chris Conley, WRs, Jaguars

    Conley found the end zone twice on Sunday, grabbing four of eight goals for 49 yards and the pair of scores. Keelan Cole led the Jags platforms to the yards with a 76, grabbing three of six goals. Dede Westbrook was mostly a non-factor, who threw just two of four goals for 14 yards. With DJ Chark (foot) probably another week, both Conley and Cole play in Week 16 against the Falcons secondary.

  • # 6

    Danny Amendola, WR, Lions

    Amendola got eight of 13 goals on Sunday for 102 yards, and unlike his previous outings since coming from nowhere, that made sense with Marvin Jones at IR. Expect Amendola to remain a solid PPR FLEX game in Week 16 against the Broncos.

  • # 7

    Patrick Laird / Myles Gaskin, RB, Dolphins

    Laird had 12 wins on Gaskin’s nine Sunday, while each had two passes (Laird had more goals, 5-3). Gaskin (72) had more total yards than Laird (52), so the player he owns here is a total blowout. The Bengals are on the deck for next week, but a backfield split into a team struggling to run the ball will not be overly desirable unless something during the week makes the expectation of use one-sided.

  • Ward led the Eagles WRs to goals on Sunday with nine, winning seven for 61 yards and a touchdown. With Alshon Jeffery (foot) placed in injured reserve, Ward must continue to see goals outside the slot and be a solid pickup in PPR leagues.

  • # 9

    Steven Sims, WR, Redskins

    Sims dominated 11 big games on Sunday, which turned into five catches for 45 yards and a touchdown. His goals were upward (seven in Week 14) and considering he had six goals more than any other Washington player in Week 15, it’s worth looking at the PPR styles with the Giants up.

  • # 10

    Kenny Stills, WR, Texans

    The Stills made two touchdowns in Sunday’s second quarter, both coming in the same corner of the end zone. He’s finished with three goals, so he may be unstable, especially if Will Fuller is active, but a Buccaneers fight next week brings Stills to FLEX.

  • # 11

    O.J. Howard, TE, Buccaneers

    We’re overwhelmed, but Howard led the Bucs to eight goals on Sunday. He got four for 46 yards and will have a solid game against the Texans in Week 16. You could make TE worse if you have injury problems.

  • # 12

    Jonnu Smith, TE, Titans

    Full disclosure: We do not love the love of the Saints next week. But we liked Smith all year, and the Titans eventually forced him to feed him late in Week 15, catching all five of his goals except for a 57-yard run. The talent is obvious there, so it’s more of a talent try as a TE stream than a matchup game.

  • # 13

    Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, Dolphins

    Fitzpatrick gets a friendly with the Bengals in Week 16, and they rarely interfere with quarterbacks, so Fitzpatrick’s nature can pay more than usual.

  • # 14

    Drew Lock, QB, Broncos

    The blocking was blocked by the snow Sunday and while it probably wasn’t as good as it was in Week 14, it probably wasn’t as bad as it was in Week 15. We like the Lions secondary matchup that allowed the first 300 halves to pass yards to Jameis Winston, so you can stream Lock if you must.

  • # 15

    Mitchell Trubisky, QB, Bears

    Trubisky was unable to lead Chicago to a 15-week victory, but threw for 348 yards despite being stolen twice. He also adds 29 grooves that help his floor and be able to throw against the Heads in Week 16.

  • # 16

    Andy Dalton, QB, Bengals

    Dalton came in four times a week 15, but was against New England, so it gets much better in week 16 against the dolphins. You have to be desperate enough to use it in a fantasy championship, but there should be some landing on the table for Cincy.

  • # 17

    Gardner Minskul, QB, Jaguars

    Minshew threw for 201 yards and two scores against the Raiders on Week 15, and has an even bigger rise in Week 16 against the Falcons. Not a bad choice depending on the QB status.

  • # 18

    Darren Fields / Jordan Akins, TE, Texans

    Both of those guys saw two goals in Week 15, so we can’t really decide who is best to add and stream against the Buccaneers, who are almost as bad as the Cardinals when it comes to tight ends. But if we had to pick one, Fells showed more nose for the end zone this season.

  • # 19

    Seattle Seahawks D / ST

    Hosting champion Kyler Murray in Week 16 should work very well for a Seattle defense that is played far more often than this season.

  • # 20

    Indianapolis Colts D / ST

    Indianapolis have shown they can benefit from a QB like Jameis Winston, so Kyle Allen in Week 16 looks like another great opportunity to make some game-changing games.

  • The Lions offense is exhausted from injuries and a great opportunity to flow what is still a satisfyingly talented defense (Von Miller is healthy and will help).

  • # 22

    Kansas City Directors D / ST

    Playing KC against Mitchell Trubisky in Week 16 depends on how much you believe in his recent hot spell, but there are many previous indications that the Chiefs big-play D / ST game against him should work fine.

  • # 23

    Los Angeles Chargers D / ST

    A defense of L.A. augmented by the return of Derwin James would have had to overcome Auckland’s offense in Week 16 talent enough to make some great plays.

  • It’s never a terrible idea to throw yourself against Jameis Winston, especially when he probably won’t be without Mike Evans.

  • # 25

    Washington Redskins D / ST

    Whether Eli Manning or Daniel Jones, on the other hand, is a report on a defense that was in a slight recovery.

  • The Jaguars didn’t look good for a while, with Gardner Minshew’s latest starts being particularly prone to mistakes. Add a dinged-up DJ Chark and you can stream here.

  • Whoever the Redskins want to be in quarterback week 16 is good for us. The Giants should have the opportunity to play games against whatever goes down.

  • # 28

    Cincinnati Bengals D / ST

    Who knows what will happen in the Bengals-Dolphins game, but there is always a chance Ryan Fitzpatrick will be far worse than good in his scary ways and turn the ball over three or four times.

  • If you are in a frustrating spot or in a deep deep league, Miami has to hold an edge against the Bengals in Week 16, and Andy Dalton is certainly not immune to a few turnovers.

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