Best Halloween movies and TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Best Halloween movies and TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Best Halloween movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video this year (Image: DIMENSION FILMS • AMAZON • ENTERTAINMENT ONE • PICTUREHOUSE)

Halloween 2021 is almost here, with the spooky day taking place later this week on Sunday. With All Hallows Eve just around the corner it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re in the mood for watching a good horror movie or boxset to scare you silly. Thankfully, you have plenty of options available to you – with streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video offering tonnes of incredible horror movies at the press of a few buttons.

If you’re not sure what to watch then let guide you. Here are a few Halloween films you can stream right now on Amazon Prime Video…

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Wes Craven’s seminal horror is available to stream for free on Amazon Prime Video right now on the ad-supported IMDb TV channel.

The 1996 smash hit starring Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette sparked a revival in the slasher genre which the 80s made famous.

And it’s an essential Halloween choice, whether you’re looking to watch it for the first or umpteenth time.

Scream boasts a sharp-witted and clever scripted penned by 90s horror mastermind Kevin Williamson (I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty), features some truly legendary scenes such as the iconic opening with Drew Barrymore, and arguably has not only the best all-round ensemble cast for a horror but also the best final girl (sorry Jamie Lee).

Neve Campbell as Scream's Sidney Prescott

Neve Campbell as Scream’s Sidney Prescott in the classic 90s original (Image: DIMENSION FILMS)


Sticking with the 90s theme, Prime Video viewers can also watch Hideo Nakata’s iconic and influential J-horror Ring on IMDb TV.

The most famous example of the creepy Japanese girl with long hair genre, Ring (aka Ringu) is a slow-burning horror filled with dread – where people who watch a cursed video tape end up dying a week afterwards.

Ring features one of the most memorable scenes in horror history, and was a driving force in sparking interest in Japanese horrors in the 90s.

Other examples of the genre include The Grudge, Dark Water, Pulse and the brilliant found-footage horror Noroi: The Curse.

1998 Japanese horror classic Ring

1998 Japanese horror classic Ring is available on Amazon Prime Video (Image: TOHO)


If you’re after something more modern, The Babadook is one of the best horrors released in the past decade.

Jennifer Kent’s debut feature-length film is a gruelling and emotional watch at times, but features a jaw-dropping performance from Essie Davis plus the iconic, titular monster which casts an overbearing shadow over each frame of the film.

The Babadook is available to watch for free with Amazon Prime Video.

Jennifer Kent's brilliant The Babadook

Jennifer Kent’s brilliant The Babadook is a modern horror classic (Image: ENTERTAINMENT ONE)


It Follows is another modern-day horror masterpiece, which subverts viewers expectation and is a clever twist on horror tropes that have existed for decades.

If you want to watch It Follows you’ll have to subscribe to either The Icon Film or Shudder channels.

However, if you’ve never signed up for these channels before you can take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

If you don’t want to pay for these channels after your trial ends then just make sure you cancel before then.

Maika Monroe in It Follows

Maika Monroe in It Follows – another essential Halloween watch this year (Image: RADIUS-TWC)


Host was released towards the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and charts a group of friends taking part in a seance during lockdown.

Despite being made on a shoe-string budget it’s one of the most inventive horror films in years, with the director and script writing team of Rob Savage, Gemma Hurley and Jed Shepherd playing with this formula in extremely clever ways.

Once again, Host is available to stream on Shudder – but if you’re new to the channel you can take advantage of a free trial with the service.

Host is available to stream on Shudder

Host is available to stream on Prime Video channel Shudder (Image: SHADOWHOUSE FILMS • BOO-URNS)


Netflix’s breakout hit Squid Game as well as the Oscar-winning Parasite has shined the spotlight in recent years on South Korean films and TV shows.

But if you’re only just dipping your toes into this area then there are tonnes of other incredible movies and boxsets you can watch.

One of these is The Wailing, an intense and gruelling horror made by Na Hong-jin (The Chaser, The Yellow Sea).

Like other South Korean horrors such as the hyper-violent I Saw The Devil, The Wailing isn’t for the faint of horror.

Not necessarily for the levels of violence, but for the unrelenting dread that fills the over two and a half hour long film.

However, if you make it to the end you’ll be left with an experience that lingers with you for a long time.

Chilling South Korean horror The Wailing

Chilling South Korean horror The Wailing is available with Prime Video (Image: SIDE MIRROR)

Dan Stevens in The Guest

Dan Stevens in The Guest – a ridiculously fun horror from Your Next director Adam Wingard (Image: PICTUREHOUSE)


If you’re looking for something a bit more fun to watch after The Wailing, then you can’t go wrong with Adam Wingard’s ridiculously entertaining The Guest.

Starring Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe (It Follows), The Guest is an absolute riot of a film full of crowd-pleasing action and thrills.

Once again, The Guest is available on The Icon Film channel but there’s a free trial running that you can cancel.

AMC smash hit show The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most famous horror TV series ever (Image: AMC)


Amazon Prime Video previously had iconic shows such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, but these have now been taken off the services and moved to Disney Plus.

Despite this, you can still watch one famous horror series that is also available on Disney Plus – The Walking Dead.

While the story of Rick Grimes, Glen and Maggie arguably had plenty of highs and lows (with the latter series not as strong) there are still plenty of incredible episodes that are worth your time.

The first nine seasons of The Walking Dead are included with an Amazon Prime Video membership.

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