Best Massage Gun For 2023

For those who haven’t been able to go back into the gym or are still using home workout equipment, online classes, or fitness memberships, now is the time to make sure they have the greatest muscle recovery tools in their arsenal. If you want to recover from a workout truly, you’ll need a combination of nutrition and physical manipulation, as well as high-tech healing products like CBD-infused sportswear. Consider a massage gun if you’re seeking workout gear with scientific backing.

Percussive therapy is used to alter your soft tissue with massage guns. There is significant scientific evidence that massage therapy is the best method for relieving tight muscles following a workout. These strong massagers are loved by everyone from recreational gym-goers to professional athletes and those with chronic pain for various reasons.

People think percussion therapy can help ease muscle pain, tiredness, and lactic acid buildup. It lets you use a percussion gun to treat pain in specific muscle groups quickly. Aside from that, they can help you move around more efficiently, improve blood flow, and loosen up tight muscles, among other things. Percussion therapy could help with some of the effects of stress and lack of sleep. Also, the slow-motion videos of massage guns hitting muscles are so interesting that you should buy one just for that. You shouldn’t use one if you have any health problems other than sore muscles after a hard workout.

The problem is that there are just too many options. So how do you choose the right one and tell them apart? The answers are all in our tried-and-true guide, which you can find below.

Best Massage Guns 2023

HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun

HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun
HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun

If you want to be on the cutting edge, HoMedics has you covered. This high-tech massage gun can heat up to 47C and give you a hot massage that is great for getting your blood flowing before a workout. Alternatively, you can put the swappable “cold head” in the freezer for a few hours and then attach it for a good cool-down after the gym. This is cool.

It was quiet and light for its size, which made it easier to use. Its six massage heads moved smoothly over the skin without bumping or catching, which could be uncomfortable. Our only complaint was that the carrying case is a bit big, so it might not be suitable for people who are always on the go.

Warranty: You can return anything you bought on the website within 30 days of receiving it and get a full refund of the cost of the item.
Accessories: 6 heads can be switched out: a barrel head, a cold head, a ball head, an arrowhead, a heat head, and a softening head.

MuscleGun Carbon

MuscleGun Carbon
MuscleGun Carbon

The MuscleGun Carbon was powerful and worked well. It moved smoothly over our muscles and helped relieve some of the worst pain we felt after working out. It stood out from the rest because of its long, curved handle. Our testers found that this clever design let them reach all of their aches, even the ones that were hard to get to.

We didn’t like how heavy the massage gun was, and the handle vibrated when you turned up the speed. But it came in second place because it had four massage heads, a robust carrying case, an intelligent handle, and almost perfect performance.

Warranty: 2 years
Accessories: 4 massage heads, charger, recovery massage oil, carry case

Theragun PRO

Theragun PRO
Theragun PRO

The Theragun line from Therabody is one of the most well-known massage gun brands, and this is the best of the bunch. We can’t deny that the price is high, but the quality of the product shows that it’s worth it. T

Because the handle is hollow and triangular, and the massage arm can be moved, you can reach any muscle without losing your grip. The Theragun PRO also takes the guesswork out of massage by working with the Therabody App to create personalized recovery routines that tell you the best speed settings, pressure, and positions to use.

It’s loud, so you can’t use it to relax in front of the TV, but it’s a good buy if you’re serious about keeping your body in fighting shape.

Warranty: 2 years
Accessories: 6 massage heads, charger, carry case

Hyperice Hypervolt Go2

Hyperice Hypervolt Go2
Hyperice Hypervolt Go2

When it comes to the new Hypervolt Go2, small is beautiful. The device is small enough to fit in most gym bags, but it’s still strong enough to bring your tired muscles back to their best.

The smooth white finish makes it look and feel like a high-end product, and our expert was impressed by how smoothly the head moved over the skin. We would have liked a case, but its small size and light weight make it easy to carry.

Warranty: 1 year
Accessories: 2 head attachments, charger, and adapters

RecoverFun Plus

RecoverFun Plus
RecoverFun Plus

RecoverFun has thought of everything with this excellent massage gun. With six heads that can be switched out for targeted recovery, five-speed settings, a straightforward control button, and a lot of force, it breezed through testing. We liked using the super-soft head on sensitive spots and the bullet head on knots and trigger points.

Even though it’s one of the most influential models we tried, the motor is as quiet as they come (even on the highest speed setting), so you can take care of sore muscles without turning up the TV volume. Excellent stuff.

It weighs over 1.1kg, so you can’t just throw it in your backpack, and it gets stuck on lower speed settings. Still, this one is hard to beat if you want quality and a reasonable price.

Warranty: Device and motor: 1 year, batteries: 6 months
Accessories: 6 massage heads

Hyperice Vyper 3

Hyperice Vyper 3
Hyperice Vyper 3

The Vyper 3 is another innovation from Hyperice. According to the company, it is a vibrating foam roller that boosts the traditional benefits of foam rolling (increased range of motion, muscle relief, and faster recovery) with fast-motion vibrations and three intense speed settings.

It helped our tester improve their R&R, and after a session, they said they felt “thoroughly massaged.” They liked how the slanted ridges let you pound away the pain and how the soft foam covering made it comfortable to massage.

It’s an excellent choice for general recovery and big muscle groups, but if you want to focus on smaller muscles and trouble spots, keep reading. It’s also important to know that the device makes a loud buzzing sound on the floor because of the vibrations. If you don’t want to annoy your partner, you should plan your sessions carefully.

Warranty: 1 year
Accessories: Charger and plug adapter

Turonic G5 Massage Gun

Turonic G5 Massage Gun
Turonic G5 Massage Gun

Hyperice has come up with something new with the Vyper 3. According to the company, it is a vibrating foam roller that boosts the traditional benefits of foam rolling (increased range of motion, muscle relief, and faster recovery) with fast-moving vibrations and three intense speed settings.

It helped our tester get more rest, and after a session, they said they felt “thoroughly massaged.” They liked how the angled ridges let you pound away the pain and how the soft foam covering made it easy to massage.

It’s a good choice for general recovery and big muscle groups, but if you want to focus on smaller muscles and trouble spots, keep reading. It’s also important to know that when the device is on the floor, it vibrates and makes a loud buzzing sound. If you don’t want to annoy your partner, you should think carefully about how you plan your sessions.

Warranty: 1 year
Accessories: 7 massage heads, carry case, charger, spare head gaskets, bag for heads

RENPHO Massage Gun

RENPHO Massage Gun
RENPHO Massage Gun

We’re full-fledged massage gun fan club members, as you can probably tell by now. But this product from RENPHO is your best bet if you want to see what all the fuss is about without spending too much.

It may not have a lot of styles, but it does everything you’d expect from a massage gun and costs less than £100. You can’t get much better than that.

The RENPHO Massage Gun comes with five heads that can be switched out. These heads are easy to move over muscles and give a good massage. The handle vibrates a lot, especially when it’s turned up to the highest speed, but that’s the only thing we don’t like about it.

Warranty: None
Accessories: 5 massage heads, USB charging cable, carry case

Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Theragun Mini Massage Gun
Theragun Mini Massage Gun

Our expert liked this small but powerful massage gun right away. It’s easy to put in your kit bag because it’s small and clean. The solid triangular handle could be hard to hold on to at times.

But portability is key if you want a massage gun you can take to the gym, and the Theragun Mini delivers in this area. Along with its small size, it comes with a travel pouch to take with you. It also got the best score for getting rid of soreness immediately, so it should be your first stop after any high-volume hypertrophy work.

Warranty: 1 year
Accessories: Charger, carry case

Pulseroll Percussion Massage Gun PRO

Pulseroll Percussion Massage Gun PRO
Pulseroll Percussion Massage Gun PRO

You know you’re in trouble when your muscles have more knots than a Scout leader. This massage master will take care of these trouble spots in no time. With its long handle, you’ll even be able to reach the spots that give you the most back pain in the morning.

It’s on the big side and can be a little hard to move around, but it’s easy to use and has plenty of power, so you’ll be a pro at percussive therapy in no time.

Warranty: 1 year
Accessories: 6 massage heads, charger, carry case

Also tested

During the past two years, we tried the following percussive massage guns. While some of these products did not cut, they are nonetheless excellent products in their own right. If you think one of them might be right for you, check it out.

Theragun Elite

If you’re going to spend $400 on a massage pistol, why not get the most powerful one on the market?

Theragun Mini

The Theragun Mini is louder than anything I’d want to use on an aircraft, despite its power and convenience. It’s my opinion that the Hypervolt Go has the most settings and the most travel-friendly options.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus With Bluetooth

However, when it comes to “most silent,” the Ekrin Athletics B37 beats out the Hypervolt Plus, an excellent massage gun.

Hyperice Hypervolt

If you don’t mind spending $50 more for Hyperice’s Hypervolt Plus, their original percussion massage gun is still a viable alternative.

Erin Athletics Bantam

In terms of features, the Hypervolt Go has a better mini-massage gun. However, it may be the better option if you’re on a tighter budget.

Ekrin Athletics B37S

The Ekrin Athletics B37S is nearly as quiet as its sibling, the B37, which is a superb product. In terms of power, design, and noise, the B37S is identical to the Hypervolt.

TimTam All New Power Massager

The power of this massage cannon is likely out of reach for the typical user. It sounded like a power drill from the first time I heard it. This is a terrific alternative for persons with a strong tolerance for pain, but it’s not for everyone.

TimTam Power Massager Pro

Like the All-New Power Massager, TimTam’s other massage pistol is quite powerful, but it has five settings for a more delicate massage.

ExoGun DreamPro

Despite its significant discount, the ExoGun DreamPro isn’t one of our best recommendations among the current crop of massage guns. It has a mediocre amount of power and a cumbersome design that makes it difficult to wield for lengthy periods of time.

NordicTrack Percussion Recovery Gun

This percussive massage cannon is noisier than many of the other versions on this list, despite its lack of power. The sensation is more akin to vibration than a pounding sound.

TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun

I had great expectations for the TriggerPoint massage gun because it was made by the business that creates the bright orange foam rollers that are present in every gym. Due to the lack of attachment and lack of power, my expectations were not met.

Compex Fixx 1.0 Massager

A mashup of TimTam and Theragun, the Compex massage gun has a similar experience. An adjustable head and three speeds are adequate for the work at hand.

Sportneer K1 Percussive Massager

A new version of Sportneer’s massage gun dethroned this old favorite. If you’re looking for a massage pistol for around $100, I still recommend you give it a shot.

Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun

At only $79, this massage gun is a terrific entry-level alternative for anyone frightened to pay for a full-sized massage gun or higher-end portable massage gun.

MuscleGun Carbon

This massage gun doesn’t offer anything that comparable massage guns at the $200-$250 price point don’t offer. For that money, I’d select the Ekrin Athletics B37 or the original Achedaway. MuscleGun goods have one thing going for them: access to the app, which contains video and audio instructions for using the massage gun.

MuscleGun X

MuscleGun’s lower-priced device is comparable to others in its class. It’s comparable to the Sportneer Elite K9 massage gun. The aluminum attachments are a wonderful touch.

Vybe Pro

With nine speeds and eight attachments, the Vybe Pro is a wonderful alternative for folks who want a lot of versatility.

Vybe V2

This one equals the TimTam massage guns in terms of power, noise and design, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it to the typical person. However, if you want something incredibly intense, go for it.

HoMedics Thera-P Heated Massage Gun

The heating element on this massage gun is a lovely addition and it’s really calming. The long connection and low power output will put most people off.

Vivreal Handheld Massager

This low-cost option has a clumsy feel to it, but it allows you to reach areas like your mid-back that are otherwise inaccessible.

Renpho Handheld Back Massager

Another budget-friendly pick, the Renpho Back Massager really makes full back massages easy and possible on your own (whereas many other devices require a second person) (whereas many other devices require a second person). It isn’t particularly potent, but it does have a calming effect.

Why Should I Use a Massage Gun?

They are made to help with muscle pain and recovery. It’s like a deep-tissue massage. It’s done by making quick, percussion-like movements that stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, and break up knots. You can use them to warm up or to relax after a workout. They feel good, too, because they hit all the right pressure points that help the body make more endorphins. At the very least, massage guns can quickly help problem areas feel better.

“They often look like power tools, but the benefits of massage guns include less muscle tension, relaxed muscles, and better blood flow,” says Dr. Daniel Giordano, CMO of Bespoke Treatments. “We use one daily, and you can use it before, during, or after exercise.”

What to look for in a Massage gun?

Speed and power: These two factors are the most crucial. Everyone’s pain tolerance and massage preferences differ. However, anybody can benefit from a massager with at least two settings: one is less powerful, so you can still use the gun on sore muscles where you are experiencing muscle tension or pain.

Type of motion: Percussion and vibration, as described in the Nordictrack description, are two completely different things. When buying a massage gun, evaluate which mechanism is more important to you.

Portability: If you’re planning on taking your massage gun on the road, look for one that comes with its own carrying case or is small enough to fit into a bag or suitcase. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of them are in fact handheld massagers, some, such as the TimTam versions, are very hefty.

Attachments and accessories: Use the massage gun on what parts of your body? If you’ll only use it on just your large muscles, such as your back and legs, you probably don’t need many attachments or extras. But if you intend to use it on certain places and trigger points, such as the arch of your foot or your neck, you’d benefit from smaller attachments intended for those precise areas.

Battery life: As with any electronic device, the longer the battery lasts, the better.

Cost: You’ll want to hunt for a therapeutic massager gadget within your budget. The most costly massage guns usually offer more adjustable speed, power, and motion options, but less-priced ones can certainly get the job done.

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