Best Meal Kit Delivery Service For 2023

The service that works best for you is the best meal kit service. On the meal kit highway, there are a lot of different companies, so it takes some digging to find the right one for you. We’ve been looking around for you, which means we’ve tried all the best meal service options. We can help you figure out which service is the best for 2023.

If you buy a meal kit service instead of eating out, you can take something off your plate, stay on track with your healthy eating goals, and save money. Looking into meal kit delivery services is a good idea if you want to try new foods.

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If you’re new to cooking and it seems scary to start from scratch on a complicated recipe, meal kits will take most of the guesswork out of meal preparation and set you up to make a perfect chicken Milanese, meatloaf, or mahi-mahi. And it’s easy to keep track of what you’re eating with meal kits because they always come with detailed nutritional information like calories, sugar content, carbs, and protein. Many meal kit services even offer specific diet plans that filter out foods that don’t fit, like gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, keto or carb-conscious, paleo, and more.

Even the pickiest eaters like getting a box with all the fresh ingredients they need to make a simple, healthy meal. A service that sends you meal kits can also help you avoid arguments about what to make for dinner every night and save you a trip to the store if you need breadcrumbs or flour. Instead, you have a foolproof meal plan with pre-measured ingredients. You make the meal that comes in the box (and the selection is extensive). This is a great perk for those who need help to make up their minds.

But there are a lot of choices, so how do you find the best meal kit service for you? Meal delivery boxes from companies like Freshly, Home Chef, Sakara Life, Purple Carrot, and Gobble are now a common sight on the doorsteps of busy home cooks. However, each has its unique features, strengths, and weaknesses, often based on who they’re trying to reach. Different boxes may offer meal plans that fit their niches, such as vegan, paleo, or gluten-free. However, each box from a meal delivery company gets its recipes and ingredients from chefs, culinary teams, nutritionists, and grocery experts. Then, it sends them to home cooks with weekly menus and tasty, premeasured ingredients.

There are so many options for meal delivery programs today that it’s hard to know where to start. There are fully prepared meals, gluten-free, healthy meals, organic meals, vegetarian plant-based meals, and more, all of which are ready to ship within a few days. Some companies, like Sun Basket, Martha & Marley Spoon Snap Kitchen, Daily Harvest, and Purple Carrot, offer a wide range of healthy and specialized meal choices. So, even people with special diets like vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, pescatarian, keto, low-carb, vegetarian, plant-based, and more can find something just for them. Even boxes focus on organic ingredients, meats raised humanely, and seafood that can be eaten for a long time. Some services even offer oat bowls and smoothies, so you’re never too far from a tasty meal.

You’ll also find deals for new customers and valuable features like the ability to skip weeks and cancel at any time. If you’re good with your calendar and your accounts, you can try any or all of these meal delivery services with little or no commitment. Each week, you can pick the one that works best for your schedule and the food you already have in your fridge.

So! It’s time to find the best meal kit delivery service for your needs, tastes, diet preferences, and health goals, whether you’re vegan, on a keto diet, or just a picky eater looking for a healthy meal. And yes, we’ve tried all of the services on this list and keep it up to date.


Sunbasket has the best meal kits, and they are also some of the healthiest. Many people like healthy and fresh meal kits, but Sunbasket goes one step further by including a lot of organic, non-GMO, sustainable, and responsibly raised food. Here’s what happens: You don’t have to go to the farmer’s market because the box takes you there. The well-thought-out meals are tasty and fun. Sunbasket came out on top in a test of the best meal kit services, so it is the best.

The recipes for Sunbasket are made by Justine Kelly, a chef in San Francisco who worked at the Slanted Door restaurant, which won a James Beard Award. The food shows how hard she works. Many of Sunbasket’s easy and tasty organic food recipes are liked by nutritionists because each serving has 500 to 800 calories. Most of the recipes can be made in less than half an hour.

You can choose from six to 18 organic meal recipes each week, including paleo, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free, so you’ll always get what you want. Sunbasket ships to 36 states, and packages arrive between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Sunbakset also sells “Fresh and Ready” meals ($9 per meal) that are already made. There is also a huge market of groceries to add to your weekly order, such as meats, fish, cheese, snacks, breakfast foods, and more. In our full review of Sunbasket, you can see how much we liked the meal delivery service.

For a subscription, three Sunbasket meals a week cost $74.93 for two people and $143.87 for four people. Shipping costs $5.99 either way.

Home Chef
Home Chef

Home Chef has more meal kits than any other service. They have ready-to-cook meals and dinners that only need one pan. Also, they have more than anyone else. I tried Home Chef and loved how much you can change your meals from week to week. For example, you can switch the protein in your meals from chicken to pork or fish, or if you want more meat, you can double the protein. You can even fold the whole meal size if you wish for more leftovers for lunch and snacks. You can do this if you’re having a party next week or want more leftovers for lunch and snacks.

Home Chef is different from the others in a lot of ways. The meal delivery service also lets you order meat that hasn’t been treated with antibiotics or add plant-based meats like Impossible Beef instead of regular meat. Meal kits, recipes, and ingredients are not very different from each other (which is what keeps Home Chef an efficient meal delivery kit for the masses). Chipotle Chimichurri Mini Pork Meatloaves with Garlic and Sweet Potatoes that Have Been Roasted Peppercorn Scampi with garlic cream and salmon Gemelli and Broccolini are two examples of meal kits that have everything you need to make them.

The meal delivery service now offers oven-ready meals, a new and unique service. They come with a cooking tray and everything else you need to make the meal (no messy kitchen and no dishes). Here is a Home Chef meal ready to go in the oven.

Home Chef recipes can be bought at the market price, which starts at $7.99 per serving for a subscription.

Freshly 2

Freshly, a few meal kit services deliver fully cooked, ready-to-eat meals right to your door. To eat well, you can make healthy versions of comfort foods like peppercorn steak and penne bolognese. The ready-to-cook meals are made right before they are delivered and never get frozen. It’s like having Mom cook dinner for you in your kitchen without having Mom live with you.

Subscription: $8.99 to $12.50 per serving, with up to 12 servings per week and up to 12 servings per week. It doesn’t cost anything to ship.


EveryPlate is the best cheap meal kit service because it focuses on hearty, tasty meals in significant portions and only costs $5 per serving. You can get even better deals if you sign up for the service. EveryPlate costs less to run because there are only eight easy meal kit recipes to choose from each week. Most vegetarians and people with special dietary needs can’t use EveryPlate. But the eight meals you can choose from are all tasty and different.

This meal delivery service will send you meatloaf, burgers, and pasta dishes. But everything I made was good, so I think the money was well spent. You can get 18 meals for only $3.33 each, and your first order comes with free shipping. This is my favorite part. You can also skip or stop the show at any time. Read this review to find out how much I liked the cheap meal kit service.

The price for a subscription is $4.99 per serving. Each week’s box comes with three recipes serving two or four people. With an offer to sign up, you can get meals for as little as $2 per serving.

Blue Apron
Blue Apron

Most people think Blue Apron was the first company in the U.S. to send out meal kits. There are eight choices on the menu each week, including simple pasta, tasty international dishes, seafood, and a vegetarian option that is always available. Even the most straightforward recipes may have one or two new ingredients. The website discusses these ingredients to help people learn about them.

Words like “customer favorite,” “easy,” “great for grilling,” and so on are used to describe the recipes. From time to time, promotions include a menu from a famous guest chef or recipes that highlight popular travel destinations. You can also get wine pairings, and Blue Apron always has new menus for big food holidays like the Super Bowl and Thanksgiving.

In our head-to-head review, check out how popular meal delivery services Blue Apron and HelloFresh compare. You can also read my full review of the first meal kit service to see how it held up in 2021.

The price per serving for a subscription ranges from $7.49 to $9.99, and you can choose to make two to four recipes per week, with either two or four servings per recipe.

gobble meal kit
Gobble meal kit

Gobble speeds up its meal delivery service by chopping and cooking many of the ingredients ahead of time. All of the recipes can be made in 15 minutes or less. Even though this service is called “fast food,” it doesn’t matter. Each menu from this service has an air of sophistication and the rest of the world. You can choose from From the Range, From the Ranch, From the Sea, or From the Earth each week. When I tried Gobble’s meal kits, Tofu Pad Thai and Cilantro Pesto Salmon were two of the most popular dishes. It was hit or miss when I tried them. You can change your recipes in other ways, too. You can switch fish or steak to chicken or pay more for organic meat.

Subscription: Most Gobble meal kits cost $12 per serving, and there are no complicated plans or prices. You can choose recipes for two to four servings from two or three (or more) recipes, but the hard part is over. Gobble is a good choice for someone who wants to spend less time cooking and more time eating because it takes care of all the prep work.


No matter how picky the customer is, it’s about making them happy. This is what HelloFresh is all about. Even though the food isn’t high-end or gourmet, it’s all perfect, and each recipe is labeled to help people with special dietary needs. You can easily find recipes on HelloFresh that don’t contain dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, and other things. With a blender, it’s easy to stick to a diet like a keto or paleo.

HelloFresh also has significant portions, and ordering food for a family is a good deal. Unique: A “dinner to lunch” element gives the home cook a different way to make tonight’s dinner so that it can be a tasty lunch tomorrow. hello fresh also has a lot of recipes, so it should be easy for everyone to find something they like. Plus, you can change things. We talk about how easy and flexible HelloFresh’s meal kit service is in this full review.

Subscription: Each serving costs between $7.50 and $10, and you can choose between two and four recipes per week and two or four servings per recipe. There are also Classic, Veggie, and Family plans to choose from.

Green Chef
Green Chef

Green Chef is one of the more expensive options, but we like it because it can be used for many different diets. As a bonus, the healthy meal kit service has the most organic ingredients of any meal kit service. This includes fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. Green Chef has more to offer than just this. They also sell gluten-free meal kits and gluten-free recipe books. Green Chef has a plan for them no matter what kind of diet someone is on for health or personal reasons. If they care about eating organic food, they can find a plan that works for them.

Because it offers so many different diet plans, Green Chef is one of the most flexible meal kit delivery services. This also makes it one of the best because each week you can choose from many different tasty meals. This is what I thought after eating Green Chef meals for a week. Some of the recipes were better than others, but you could tell that the ones with organic ingredients were better.

A Green Chef subscription for two people costs $12 to $13 per serving for three meals per week. A Green Chef subscription for two meals a week for four people costs $11 per serving.

Purple Carrot's meal kits
Purple Carrot’s meal kits

In the end, Purple Carrot came out on top. Their meal kits are made from plant-based ingredients, so it’s not surprising that they won.

Purple Carrot puts a lot of thought into its recipes made from plants. The goal is to help you make healthy and tasty dinners the old-fashioned way, using fresh vegetables, grains, legumes, and other whole foods you can buy at the store. If you’re new to veganism and only want plant-based or fake meat products like Impossible Beef that look like real meat, a service like HelloFresh might be better.

About eight recipes a week. You can read about what I ate for a whole week in my full Purple Carrot review, which you can find here. Everything I ate was good. The Purple Carrot vegan meal kit is the best one I’ve tried. It taught me the most about cooking vegan food and how to use its main ingredients, such as lentils and grains. Purple Carrot taught me about new sauces and condiments, like cashew cream and other “dairy” foods made from nuts.

You might find lemon-braised chickpeas with rosemary and cashew cheese, green curry lentils with brown rice, and broccoli and cheese soup with miso garlic croutons on a sample menu. Breakfast meal kits can come with extras that start at $6 per serving and go up from there.

Purple Carrot meals cost between $9 and $12 per serving, depending on how many servings are in each meal and how many meals you buy at once. Two people can get a box of three weekly meals for about $72. Shipping it doesn’t cost anything.

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