Best Rowing Machine for 2023

An at-home rowing machine It’s a good choice for people who want to build a home gym or improve one they already have. This single piece of equipment can help you strengthen parts of your body that are hard to work on with a Tapis Roulant or an elliptical, and it can also help you get your heart rate up. Ideal machine for working out your whole body and ensuring you reach your fitness goals. The best rowing machines give your entire body a relaxing and effective cardio workout.

So, before you buy a rowing machine for your home, you need to know how each type of rowing machine differs and its pros and cons. Some rowers use actual water for resistance, while others use air, magnets, or hydraulics. Some machines let you change the amount of resistance, and others allow you to change the device so you can get the most out of your rowing stroke. As a form of resistance, some superficial differences aren’t as complicated as compatibility or how the app looks.

Hydraulic rowers:

Pros: Other than that, it’s a space saver.

Cons: When compared to rowing, the movement is not so smooth.

Air rowing machines:

Pros: Less expensive.

Cons: Compared to other types, this one is a little louder.

Magnetic and aquatic rowers

Pros: The most fluid and quiet types.

Cons: Generally, it is more expensive.

Each rower’s sensitivity varies, but there is undoubtedly a machine that may provide you with the rowing sensation you desire. If you’re brand new to rowing machines or far beyond the beginner level, space-conscious, data-driven, or looking for something lovely, we’ve compiled a list of the top rowing machine choices for you.

Due to production and delivery constraints, some of these choices may be sold out or back-ordered. Prices for workout equipment fluctuate regularly on the internet, but the prices shown here are correct at the time of publication. This list of the top rowing machine options will be updated frequently.

Hydrow Rowing

Hydrow Rowing is an all-in-one rowing machine, personal training lesson trainer, and augmented reality experience. Its nylon traction and electromagnetic resistance make it almost silent and very smooth to row, and the display tells you your strokes per minute rate, how many calories you’ve burned, and your heart rate. (The Hydrow rowing machine is compatible with a heart-rate monitor but not with smartwatches or other wearable devices.) If you turn on Live Outdoor Reality on the display screen, you will feel like you are rowing outside on the water.

In addition to his own rowing experience, Hydrow’s training appeal for rowing comes from the wide range of class videos that can be streamed through its class membership service. Rowing classes can last anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, while yoga, Pilates, and other full-body workouts can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The only problem is that, as you can see from the price, all of these extra features aren’t cheap, especially when you can buy a one-year class membership ($456) and a Hydrow vertical storage kit ($69) separately.

concept2 rower

People in the fitness and home gym communities on Reddit have been praising Concept2 in general and the model D. of the company for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. At $900, it’s an investment piece that doesn’t feel like a waste, especially since it’s made to last. It has a smooth, quiet air-resistance flywheel, is durable, and is easy to keep up (its nickel-plated chain requires less frequent lubrication than other rowing machines).

It’s an excellent choice for a rower who wants to keep using it for a long time. It has enough bells and whistles to be more than just a simple machine. The performance monitor is the first of these features. It keeps track of calories burned, pace, speed, distance, and watts. It has five different display options, including games to make using your indoor rowing machine more fun.

Sunny rowing machine_
Sunny’s rowing machine

Sunny’s rowing machine has eight levels of magnetic resistance and an LCD screen that shows, among other things, your time, count, and calories burned. In other words, it doesn’t stand out. Some reviewers say that the chain on this cheap rowing machine is very loud, and the small screen could be bigger and clearer.

It is enough to get a new rower excited about the sport. If you want to store your rowing machine out of the way when it’s raining, you should know that this indoor magnetic resistance rowing model can be folded up. However, some Amazon reviewers say that it’s hard to take apart.

Stamina Body 1050
Stamina Body 1050

The 52-inch-long Stamina Body 1050 rowing machine is small compared to the other devices on our list. But this is the best indoor rowing machine for you if you live in an apartment or don’t have room in your home gym for more than a few hand weights. This chainless hydraulic rower model gives you a more comprehensive range of motion when rowing. Its hydraulic piston system has 12 levels of hydraulic resistance, so you will get a good workout even if you’re getting smaller. While working out, its (adorably tiny) display shows you the time, number of strokes, calories burned, and the total number of hits.

water rower

This rower lives up to its “natural” name by being made of solid wood and resistant to water. This makes rowing smoother and more realistic. The WaterRower is also made to be quieter than traditional rowers because wood absorbs more sound than metal.

WaterRower is designed to feel like a natural water rowing machine. The performance monitor plots your speed, intensity, time, distance, breath rate, and heart rate so you can take advantage of all of your training metrics. If you ask us, this rowing machine is the most appealing one on the list. It can be stored vertically, but because it is made of beautiful wood, it can’t fold up to save space.

Proform Rower
Proform Rower

This rower from ProForm combines the benefits of the Stamina and the Caltech (with a lower price label). If you sign up for iFit Coach’s $39-per-month family plan for three years, you’ll get the rower for free. Buy a separate iFit heart rate monitor for $75. You can use iFit Coach to access a massive library of rowing training videos, classes, and more useful performance data like speed and heart rate. The rower has a safe place to put a tablet above the metric console. ProForm keeps track of your distance, time, calories burned, strokes, and endurance. This magnetic rowing machine is excellent for both beginners and more experienced rowers who want to step up their game. It has 24 levels of magnetic resistance so that you can do a light workout or a hard workout with iFit’s different classes.

This rowing machine, which usually costs $1,100, is on sale for $600.

Xebex air rower

People often talk about this rower in the same sentence as Concept 2. It’s just as good as Concept2, but it doesn’t cost as much. It has ten degrees of air resistance, which gives you a lot of options for indoor rowing, and the heavily padded seat makes long workouts comfortable. But the thing that makes a difference with the Xebex air rower is how you can tell if your rowing skills are improving. This air rowing machine keeps track of time, distance, BPM, calories burned, wattage, total strokes, and heart rate, among other things. Aside from these important facts, this rower also shows the average number of meters per run, the average and maximum watts, the maximum heart rate, and the number of calories burned per hour. With Xebex, it’s easy to keep track of your progress. Even though he is out of stock, you can sign up for the dealer’s notification service to be told when he is back in stock.

In 2023, up your health game.

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