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Best SMS Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Best SMS Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

SMS messaging is one of the main forms of communication, which stands for Short Message Service; it is an easy way to communicate with friends and family members using a mobile phone. In 1992, the first SMS message was sent, and since then, it has become one of the most used ways to keep in touch. A reliable SMS tracking app is available if you need to monitor messages on someone’s phone. Read on to learn how these work and find out about some of the best options available.

What Are SMS Tracking Apps All About?

An SMS tracking app is a piece of software that is installed on a mobile device. When installed, a person can access a dashboard and monitor phone activity. These apps remain hidden from view and provide a way to monitor calls, texts, emails, and more. SMS tracking apps can easily be used for monitoring employees, catching a cheating spouse, or keeping tabs on whom children are texting with.

SMS Tracking App Principle of Work

After a tracker has been installed on a target phone, the user can monitor all activities. The app will record conversations that are exchanged through texts and will then send that data to a dashboard. This can be accessed at any time online, so you will be able to see messages and contact details. SMS tracking apps work effectively and can be used on various mobile platforms.

Discover the Top 5 SMS Tracking Apps

Looming to install a tracking app and start monitoring messages? Here are the top 5 options for use on Android phones and iPhones. With great features, anonymous tracking, and affordable plans, these can provide you with instant access to any SMS on a device.

uMobix – Best SMS Tracking App

uMobix – Best SMS Tracking App

When it comes to choosing one of the best SMS tracking apps, uMobix is at the top of the list. This tracker allows users to track different phone activities that include GPS location, instant messaging, social media messaging, and phone calls. When used on an iPhone, it can also capture screenshots. You can get started with a free 1-day trial and will benefit from 24-hour support services. Both Android and iOS devices are supported by uMobix.

This app has many great features that include:

  • Phone tracking
  • Advanced GPS tracking
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing texts, browser activity, etc.
  • Access to photo galleries
  • Get timestamps and contact details

When using uMobix, the app will remain hidden on the target device and offers accurate and real-time location services, allowing you to remain anonymous.

iKeyMonitor – Free SMS Tracking App

With iKeyMonitor, users will enjoy an SMS tracking app compatible with Android and iPhone. The tracking services include monitoring all SMS chat history, message content, and who sent or received the messages. Users are also able to recover any deleted messages. If you need to monitor children or employees, this app is the perfect solution. It provides all SMS message details, so you never miss any communications sent or received.

iKeyMonitor features a free package that lets you get started with this free SMS tracking app immediately. There is a basic package that comes at no cost. If you wish to update to have added features, there is a plan for $29.99 per month.

iKeyMonitor – Free SMS Tracking App

SpyBubble – SMS Tracking App for Android

Stop looking at expensive apps for tracking SMS, and check out what SpyBubble has to offer. This trusted app provides secure tracing services, and there is no root needed. SpyBubble is one of the best apps, which includes SMS and phone tracking.

The app can be downloaded on an Android device as long as you have physical access to the phone. For iOS devices, the app can be installed remotely without access to the phone. When used, the app will enable SMS reading that can be done anonymously. The phone owner will never know their messages are being tracked.

SpyBubble – SMS Tracking App for Android

The app can also be used for location tracking, providing real-time GPS coordinates. Some of the main reasons to choose this trusted SMS and call tracking app include:

  • Real-time updates
  • Low price
  • Access to deleted messages
  • 100% compatible with devices
  • Screenshot reports

Cocospy – Silent SMS Tracking App

If you are looking for an iPhone SMS tracking app, Cocospy is one of the best phone tracker apps available. It can help you keep track of all phone usage and is beneficial for parents who are monitoring children.

Cocospy – Silent SMS Tracking App

This SMS tracking app provides accurate tracking of all text messages that are sent. This includes through the phone as well as on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat. This discreet app is completely hidden and runs in the background. It will not use much power and does not slow down any device.

XNSPY – SMS Tracking app for iPhone

XNSPY is a hidden SMS tracking app that can access messages and monitor calls and emails. With this app, you can use an SMS tracker without touching target phone. It can be remotely installed on an iPhone, and you will have instant access to all messages.

XNSPY – SMS Tracking app for iPhone

When installed, users will be able to read incoming and outgoing texts and can set up a watchlist of words that will send a notification when they are used in an SMS. XNSPY can also be used on Android devices, and it is undetectable on a rooted Android phone. You will benefit from the same features available for the iOS version and monitor messages in real time.


If you need to keep tabs on your child or spouse or have to monitor employees, an SMS tracking app is a great option. These apps are a low-cost way to monitor incoming and outgoing messages. Many of the best apps will provide additional features that allow you to access photos, contacts, call logs, and even email. With a silent SMS tracking app, the owner of the device will never know it has been installed.


Are there any phone SMS tracking apps you can use without touching the target phone?

Any of the listed tracking apps can be used without access to the target phone if it is installed on an iPhone. An SMS tracking app for Android will require physical access to the device.

Are there any 100% free SMS tracking apps that are also hidden?

One of the best free SMS tracking apps is iKeyMonitor. This app can be downloaded for free, and you will have access to many tracking features. There are no fees for the free version, and you can use it for as long as you want.

How to tell if SMS tracking apps are on my phone?

Some things could indicate an SMS tracking app has been installed. These include high data usage, fast-draining battery, and unexpected phone reboots. If you think an app has been installed, performing a factory reset will delete any apps and data.


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