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Beyonce Offers Her Gratitude To Everyone Working To Fight The Coronavirus Pandemic


Beyonce handled to relax her followers with a psychological message in which she’s sending her gratitude to all important employees in the health care system and everyone else who is working relentlessly to eliminate the coronavirus pandemic. She likewise attended to the truth that the black people are being impacted actually severely by this entire crisis.

Take a look at the video that The Shade Space shared below to see Bey speaking with people who are disabled by worry at home in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

A great deal of people stated that her message sent out a sort of peace, and others were distressed that she looked all dressed up like she was going someplace when ‘we’ re all expected to be at home.’

A fan stated: ‘Why is she so damn fine tho ???? Classy, fine af and talented Lawd!!!! ????’ and another person likewise appeared to like this message that Bey sent out: ‘Told u she make it feel like everything is gonna be alright.’

Somebody else stated: ‘Beyoncé is a legend. One of the greatest females to ever do it. Not matter how hard they hate,’ and a commenter posted this message: ‘“Beyoncé sound country I can never understand her” I heard whatever she stated as clear as day.’

One fan composed this: ‘I wasn’ t even listening she so gorgeous ❤ can’t take her seriously she looks method too excellent.’

Another upset fan composed: ‘First of all where is Beyoncé going dressed up like this?? Thought we were inside,’ and another person stated: ‘But you ain’ t sending out or contributing money to those in need or those making a sacrifice so next.’

In other news, Bey handled to surprise millions of fans when she appeared on Disney Family Singalong on Thursday, where she thrilled them with a sincere and sweet efficiency.


Jay-Z’s other half was an unique visitor on a star-studded lineup that consisted of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, and more.

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