Biden asked to apologize to Rittenhouse

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to say whether President Joe Biden would apologize after labeling Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”, instead hesitating to a more general condemnation of “hate.”

Asked if the president would apologize for allegedly defamation of 18-year-old in a campaign video released last year, Psaki danced around the issue – briefly changing the subject to former President Donald Trump – but ultimately hinted that there would be no excuse.

“Well, let’s go clear what we are talking about here: it is about a campaign video released last year who used President Trump’s own words during a debate as he refused to condemn white supremacists and militia groups, “ Psaki said, going on denounce Trump for presumably encouraging “Militia groups” during his term in office.

Eventually, Psaki circled back to Rittenhouse, simply reiterating that Biden had “spoken to” the teenager’s acquittal this week on murder allegations made after shooting two people dead and injured another during the protests and riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

“[Biden] obviously condemned hatred and division and the violence we have seen in across the country by groups like the Proud Boys and the groups that [Rittenhouse] he posed in photos with” she continued.

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Rittenhouse calls out Biden over 'defamation'

Rittenhouse calls out Biden over ‘defamation’

In his first interview since his trial ended earlier this week, Rittenhouse told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that Biden has slandered his character with the campaign video, saying that the then presidential candidate should I learned the facts of the case before weighing in with inflammatory rhetoric.

prosecutors in The Rittenhouse case claimed it showed up to protest in Kenosha a “provoke” violence, while his defense insisted he used his weapon to protect his own life, noting that Rittenhouse was running away from the attackers when he fired his AR-15. After several days of deliberations and fears of civil unrest in the event of an acquittal, the jurors eventually decided that Rittenhouse was not guilty of all allegations presented, requesting a series of protests in around the United States.

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