Biden declassifies Ukraine intelligence

US intelligence director Avril Haynes announced that President Joe Biden has ordered the declassification of intelligence information on Russia’s preparations for the military operation in Ukraine.

Haynes said the move went so far as to prove the validity of US statements to allies, due to what was said to be a mass in discussion of the American version of the situation in Ukraine at the time.

The US intelligence director confirmed that Washington had disclosed so much information in the intelligence space that it had developed a mechanism to do so in future.

Inflow of Western weapons

On the other hand, and in the new Russian responses to the question of the flow of Western arms, in particular of advanced American missiles, towards Ukraine, Moscow confirmed, the day before yesterday, that its response could go too far.

The head of the Defense Committee of the Duma, Vladimir Shamanov, announced that the seat of government in Kiev would be a possible target.

He also added that hitting the Kiev airport and transport to the capital will also be one of the possible targets for his country in the coming days, according to reports from the media locals.

At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed in a press conference that his country will respond to Kiev’s acquisition of long-range weapons from the West by pushing Ukrainian forces away from Russian borders.

“The wider the range of regimes that are handed over, the more we will distance the Nazis from that line from which threats to Russian Federation and Russian Federation spokesmen could come,” he told reporters via video link.

He also recalled what Russian President Vladimir Putin said that thearea warfare could expand to accommodate the size of the weapons sent.

And this arms issue emerged strongly after US President Joe Biden announced his approval to provide Ukrainian forces with advanced and accurate missile systems. in capable of accurately hitting distant Russian targets as part of a $ 700 million weapons package.

However, for days, several officials have repeatedly stressed and clarified that these HIMARS missile systems are not intended to carry out attacks inside Russia, but rather to protect Ukrainian forces inside.

Kiev has long been asking allies for long-range systems, as well as a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) in able to launch a barrage of missiles hundreds of miles away in hopes of changing the course of fighting in course with the Russians from 24 February.

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