Biden has reassuring news on 2024 – relationship

In the middle rising concerns about his stamina and popularity in decline, President Joe Biden reportedly was reassuring democratic allies than him plans on in execution for re-election in 2024.

Biden and his closest allies have moved to silence all rumors that him plans on be a one-term president by choice in in recent weeks, according to a Washington Post report.

More worrying for supporters of the president, second more of two dozen Democratic strategists and officials contacted by the Post, are recent polls that have shown Biden’s position with the public slipping rapidly, as did the president’s age at 79.

In a fundraiser earlier this month, Biden assured donors that he will be looking for a second term, and councilor Anita Dunn reportedly phoned leaders and activists within the Democratic Party, playing the drums up support for her boss.

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Trump offers a timeline for 2024 presidential run announcement

Trump offers a timeline for 2024 presidential run announcement

“I feel this question is asked every day”, a Democrat strategist told the Post of the possibility of Biden in execution again. “No one never asked that question about Barack Obama. No one never asked that question about Donald Trump. “

Biden is gone in for a regularly scheduled check-up at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend and it was reported who the president is “Healthy”, “vigorous”, And “active” despite his age. he is currently the oldest president of the United States in load in history.

Rising inflation, supply chain problems, and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic have all helped fuel Biden’s poll numbers, which have steadily declined since he took office in January. An ABC / Washington Post poll earlier this month gave Biden an overall approval score of 41%. with another 53% say they disapprove of his performance.

A Quinnipiac University survey released this month showed similar results, with 38% of respondents approve of Biden’s performance and 53% disapproval. It is quite significant drop by an approval rating that had stood above 60% when Biden was in the first phases of his presidency.

While the names of other Democrats were pitched as possible replacements for Biden, like Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg of his own administration, his greatest potential competition in 2024 comes from its 2020 opponent, Donald Trump, who it has neither confirmed nor denied that it will run, but has strongly implied that it will.

In an interview with Fox News this month, Trump would only say that his supporters would be “very happy” with his decision, but probably wonnon do a announcement until after the mid-term elections, the same time frame by which Biden’s allies expect he will announce.

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