Biden in an article: Why should I visit Saudi Arabia?

48 hours before US Air Force One departs for the Middle East, US President Joe Biden wrote an article in the Washington Post entitled: “Why I go in Saudi Arabia?”

In the article published on the site web of the newspaper Saturday night, Biden said: “I will travel in Middle East to start a new and promising chapter, and the journey arrives in a vital moment for the region and will work to advance important interests. “

Biden explained that he seeks a safer and more integrated Middle East and that the achievement of the security of the pace and stability in the region benefits Americans and said, “The waterways in Middle East are important to global trade and supply chains depend on Ukraine”.

The US president indicated that he seeks unity among the countries of the region through diplomacy and cooperation – rather than disintegration – noting that “the outbreak of conflicts will lead to violent extremism that threatens our homeland or to new wars that could impose new burdens on the US military and their families. “

“Avoiding this scenario is of paramount importance to me,” Biden said in his article. I will pursue intense diplomacy, including through face-to-face meetings, to achieve our goals. “

Biden tried to brag that the Middle East is more stable and secure than the one it inherited 18 months ago from the previous US administration, referring to the attacks that took place on the US embassy in Baghdad a month before Biden was elected US president. He pointed out, without mentioning Trump by name, that he ordered B-52 bombers to fly into thearea to deter these attacks, and the attacks failed and continued.

Biden highlighted the war in Yemen, noting that it created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world, without any political process in view to end the fighting. He also referred to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal and said, “After my predecessor reneged on a successful nuclear deal, Iran passed a law requiring the rapid acceleration of its nuclear program. Then, when the last administration tried to condemn Iran for this action at the UN Security Council, the United States found itself isolated and alone.

“In mine prime weeks in charged, our military and intelligence experts warned that the region was under severe pressure, which required urgent and intense diplomacy, “Biden added.

The president of the United States enumerated what he considered a success for his administration in dealing with the Iraq, Yemen and Iran files, and said: “In Iraq, we ended the American combat mission and moved our military presence to focus. on training Iraqis, while preserving the global coalition against ISIS that we formed when I was vice president, he is now dedicated to preventing the reemergence of ISIS. We have also responded to threats against Americans. The rate of Iran-sponsored attacks compared to two years ago it has fallen sharply. And last February, in Syria, we expelled (ISIS) leader Hajj Abdullah, demonstrating America’s ability to eliminate terrorist threats, no matter where they try to hide ”.

Biden boasted that he had appointed a special envoy in Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, noting that he had communicated with the leaders of the region and laid the groundwork for the armistice and that humanitarian aid could be delivered, so the last few months in Yemen was the most peaceful in seven years.

On Iran, Biden said: “We met again with allies and partners in Europe and in the world. Now Iran is isolated until it reverts to the nuclear deal my predecessor abandoned and there is no plan to replace it. Last month, more than 30 countries joined us in condemning Iran’s lack of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency on its past nuclear activities. My administration will continue to increase diplomatic and economic pressure until Iran is ready to return to compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. “

Biden bragged that his administration helped end the war in Gaza in only 11 days, noting that that war could have lasted months. “We have worked with Israel, Egypt, Qatar and Jordan to maintain the pace without allowing terrorists to rearm, “the president said. We have also rebuilt American relations with the Palestinians. Working with Congress, my administration recovered nearly $ 500 million in support of the Palestinians while it approved the largest package of support for Israel in history: more than 4 billion dollars “.

Regarding his visit in Saudi Arabia, Biden tried to point out that his goal in his relationship with Saudi Arabia is to reorient relations, not to break them, stressing that Saudi Arabia has always been a strategic partner for 80 years, praising its role. in many regional issues, and said: Saudi Arabia helped restore unity between the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, fully supported the armistice in Yemen and is now working with the United States to help stabilize oil markets with other OPEC producers.

Biden explained that his visit also aims to put his country in a better place to overcome China and face Russian aggression. “We have to deal directly with countries that could influence these results,” she said. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries and when I meet Saudi leaders on Friday, my goal will be to foster a strategic partnership that moves forward based on shared interests and responsibilities, while also upholding American core values.

“On Friday I will be the first president to fly from Israel to Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, “Biden added. This trip will also be a small symbol of the emerging relations and steps towards normalization between Israel and the Arab world, which my administration is working to deepen and broaden. In Jeddah, leaders from across the country. region will come together to signal the possibility of a more stable and integrated Middle East, in which the United States plays a vital leadership role.

Biden acknowledged that the Middle East remains full of challenges, pointing the finger at Iran, its nuclear program and its support for proxy groups, he also highlighted the challenges of the Syrian civil war, food security crises exacerbated by the Russia’s war against Ukraine and the influence of terrorist groups still active In some countries, political stalemate in Iraq, Libya and Lebanon. “We have to address all these issues and when I meet with leaders from across the region, I will make it clear how important it is to make progress in these areas, “he said.

And he boasted once again that his administration’s approach is better than that of his predecessor, President Trump, without mentioning his name, and said: “The region, compared to 18 months ago, is under less pressure. and more integrated, “noting that Iraq, which has long been a source of proxy conflicts Regional rivalry is now serving as a platform for diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran. “My friend King Abdullah of Jordan recently referred to the ‘new atmosphere’ in the region, in countries have asked: how can we communicate and work with each other, and these are promising trends that the United States can promote in a way that no other country can, “Biden said. And my trip next week will serve that purpose.”