Biden insults a reporter who asked him about “inflation”

Yesterday, US President Joe Biden was exposed to an embarrassing situation due to an unintentional mistake in the microphone he was using on the sidelines of a photo session at the White House.

As the reporters were leaving, a Fox News reporter asked Biden if inflation had political consequences.

“Great value, more inflation,” the president of the United States sarcastically replied, probably unaware that his microphone was still on, before he was heard muttering words that included words. offensive to the reporter.

A reporter who was at the scene said he couldn’t hear Biden’s words due to the noise, but added, “Listen to a video of the event if you’re curious about what the president really feels when Fox News reporter Peter Dossey he asks about inflation. “

In an interview with Fox News, Dossey shrugged off Biden’s insult, replying indifferently: “No one has verified what he said yet.”