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Biden puts in Putin’s words doubt: he could use nuclear power!

Although Russia has repeatedly stressed its commitment to the statement by the leaders of the five nuclear powers on the inadmissibility of nuclear war, US President Joe Biden put in doubt what his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, said Thursday in a speech, according to which he did not intend to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

Biden doubts!

“If Putin has no intention of it, why does he keep talking about it?” Biden said in an interview with “News Nation”.

He also asked why Putin talked about the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon, indicating that his counterpart may actually resort to the use of nuclear weapons.

These developments came amid US assurances that these threats would be taken seriously, with Russia warning of catastrophic consequences if it made this choice.

Washington has put in guard against this step along with its allies, considering Moscow’s reckless and irresponsible statements about the threat of a devastating nuclear war for the entire world.

The largest nuclear power in the world

Interestingly, Putin announced on September 21 the first mobilization of the country’s reservists since World War II to deploy more troops on Ukraine’s battlefields.

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The West warned not to draw in deception when he hinted that he was ready to use nuclear weapons to defend the security of Russian territory, which ignited in that moment a wave of alarms that still continue.

Russia is the largest nuclear power in the world in based on the number of nuclear warheads it owns, as it has 5,977 warheads, while the United States has 5,428, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

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