Biden Reiterates Bush and Obama Immigration mistake

Biden Reiterates Bush and Obama Immigration mistake

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President Biden’s decision until deport the Haitian migrants rising over America’s southern border is unnecessarily cruel. To be also not what he promised to do.

Biden campaigned pledge to create a “fair and humane” immigration system that would “keep the dignity” of immigrant families, refugees and asylum seekers.” Instead, he sends desperate Haitians back to their home country, despite being ravaged by political violence and still reeling of a devastating earthquake.

Some have argued that these deportations are necessary for reform efforts to succeed. “I am extremely pro-immigration”, writer Matthew Yglesias tweeted Saturday, “but I don’t think you create a sustainable pro-immigration” politics by stigmatizing all efforts to enforce immigration law.” Josh Barro, an Insider columnist, Agree. “In fact, showing that we can enforce the rules we make is essential to convince people agree met more indulgent rules,” He wrote.

That’s probably not true. Upcoming reformers to have already tried and failed until build support for their agendas through immigration measures. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama Both Sent National Guard troops to the border. Shrub also wanted make one path to citizenship for undocumented migrants, while Obama hoped give “DREAMS“a permanent status in this country. Anyway, immigration hawks in Congress blocked the reform despite the crackdown. Seen recently conservative indignation against refugees from Afghanistan, there is not much reason to think Biden’s performance will end differently.

Reform would however, are popular. Polls have long shown that Americans have a over generally favorable view of immigration, and support for more immigration has actually increased in recent decades. In 2007 and again in In 2013, there were senate majorities die dramatic reform laws. AN obstruct killed the first attempt; House Republicans the second. Immigration opponents maybe not a majority, but they are effective in the digging in their heels: they eggy on former President Donald Trump’s unpopular decision until shut down the government in in late 2018 because Congress would not fund its proposed border wall. They will be just as stubborn with Biden.

So no, this new round of deportations probably won’t usher in in more “indulgent” rules.” It won’t give us fairer of more humane immigration policy. It will only add to man misery.

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