Biden signs $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill

US President Joe Biden signed the $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill Monday at a ceremony in the White House’s South Lawn.

The event was attended by Democratic and Republican lawmakers who pushed the legislation forward in the deeply divided United States Congress.

The law aims to create jobs in across the country by spending billions of dollars to state and municipal governments to repair dilapidated bridges and roads, and to support access for millions of Americans to broadband services.

The signing ceremony was a rare moment in where members of both sides gathered to celebrate a common achievement.

Biden, whose approval votes fell on his handling of issues including the economy, said the passing of the law shows that, despite doubts, “Democrats and Republicans can unite and achieve results together.”

The White House said Biden signed an executive order ahead of the signing ceremony that included directives to prioritize U.S.-made materials for infrastructure projects.

The executive order also created a task force senior government officials to oversee the implementation of the legislation.

This comes as natural disaster losses from climate change totaled $ 95 billion last year and this is expected to record is exceeded in 2021.

Distribution of investments

Environmental and climate investments in infrastructure law include:

$ 65 billion for clean energy and grid-related investments.

$ 7.5 billion to build a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations.

55 billion dollars to expand access to safe water.

$ 21 billion to clean up Superfund contaminated sites, the “brown fields” and plug abandoned oil and gas wells.

The Infrastructure Act paves the way for Congress to pass President Joe Biden’s climate law, a law called “Building Back Better,” which would allocate $ 555 billion to fight in aggressively climate change and halve emissions over the next decade. The US House of Representatives aims to pass its version of the bill this week.

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