Biden solves: Poland’s missile was launched from Ukraine.. And Moscow: our attacks are 35 kilometers further

In the state of alert that has swept the world, in search of the source of the missile that hit Polish territory yesterday, killing two people, and after a second American communiqué came in to cool down the international tension that has raged against Russia in the past few hours, Il US President Joe Biden cut doubts with certainty.

The head of the White House informed NATO and the partners of the Group of Seven (G7) that the missile that fell on Polish territory was launched by Ukrainian air defences.

Launched by Ukrainian forces

He added, in a statement quoted by media on the president, confirming what senior US officials reported on Wednesday that the preliminary results indicate that the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces.

They also added that the Ukrainians apparently intended to launch the missile to repel a Russian missile in arrival over Ukrainian airspace, but landed in Poland, according to the Associated Press.

emergency international meeting

Interestingly, the leaders of the Group of Seven countries and a number of NATO countries had held an emergency meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit last Wednesday due to a missile crash in Poland.

On the other hand, France has put in beware of rushing to deduce the source of the missile, considering that determining the type of missile does not necessarily mean determining the party that launched it, especially since different countries have the same type.

And while Polish officials were quick to point the finger at Russia, of course, Moscow denied it on Tuesday, considering these allegations and allegations a “provocation with the aim of escalation.”

Poland has announced that two missiles have landed in the city of Lublin, on the border with Ukraine, killing two people.

The Polish Foreign Ministry said the missile that fell in the Przyudov region was Russian-made, while Polish President Andrzej Duda said Warsaw did not have precise information on the identity of the missiles that fell on the territory of the Republic.

While Russia’s responsibility for this bombing could lead to the activation of NATO’s collective defense principle known as Article 5, according to which an attack on one coalition member is considered an attack on all, and thus could trigger the initiation of consultations on a possible military response.

For its part, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that all attacks launched by the Russian armed forces against Ukrainian territory were at a distance of no less than 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

This was stated by the daily report of the Russian Defense Ministry on the progress of the Russian military operation in Ukraine on Wednesday November 16, where the official spokesman Igor Konashenkov went on to say that the Russian armed forces have already “dealt a serious blow to the military command and control system of Ukraine and related energy structures, when they hit All missiles were precisely targeted and such attacks were carried out on Ukrainian targets on Ukrainian territory and at a distance of not less than 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Konashenkov noted that the photos of the wreckage found in the village of Beshevodov have been identified in unambiguously by Russian experts in the military-industrial complex as parts of the Ukrainian Air Force S-300 air defense system.

The official Defense Ministry spokesman confirmed that what several Ukrainian sources and some officials said about the alleged fall of “Russian missiles” on the village of Pshevodov in eastern Poland was a deliberate provocation with the aim of escalating the situation.