Politics Biden to Buttigieg: Mayor, you're no Barack Obama

Biden to Buttigieg: Mayor, you’re no Barack Obama


The pointed criticism from the older statesman to the more younger bore a far-off echo to the 1988 vice governmental dispute when Texas Democratic Sen. Lloyd Bentsen tore into Indiana GOP Sen. Dan Quayle, informing him “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Unlike Quayle, who compared himself to Kennedy, Buttigieg has not plainly stated he’s like Obama, although his fans have actually stated he encourages them of the previous president and staffers have actually drawn oblique parallels.

Biden’s remarks came hours after his campaign launched a web advertisement that mockingly compared the former vice president’s experience with that of Buttigieg when he was mayor of South Bend, Indiana. The advertisement, and Biden’s stepped up criticisms of Buttigieg, followed Biden finished a remote fourth behind Elizabeth Warren, Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders in Monday’s Iowa caucus.

Asked if his criticisms were a sign of desperation, comparable to Hillary Clinton’s quit working 2008 attacks on Obama since governmental race, Biden notified a press reporter, “oh, come on, man” prior to tearing into Buttigieg.

Biden stated he was simply reacting to Buttigieg’s regular criticisms of Washington politicians and the political sins of thepast Biden advised that Buttigieg was mentioning that “in some method Barack Obama and I [presided over] some sort of catastrophe” while in office.

” He’s stating the problems we have now are due to the fact that of the past. That’s what he’s stating. Let’s get that straight. Duration,” Biden specified. “The idea we have issues today, that Trump was elected because of the 8 years of Barack Obama, I decline categorically.”

Throughout journalism conference, Biden declined that he was shooting off rhetorical rounds in the really exact same type of “circular firing team” that he decried when he was a frontrunner.

” When you get assaulted you got ta respond,” Biden stated. “I kept my mouth shut for a long time.”

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