Biden to propose new US-Russia relationship with Putin

US President Joe Biden will do it soon tell his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that Washington wants a more predictable relationship with Moscow, the top American diplomat Antony Blinken revealed in an interview.

Biden should speak with To put in in the “near future” Blinken told Reuters on Friday, and he will tell the Russian leader that the United States will stand in feet up to any “reckless or aggressive” action by Russia.

However, the leading US diplomat and longtime foreign Biden policy adviser said the White House is looking for for a more stable and predictable relationship with the Kremlin.

Russia has a date for Putin-Biden talks

TO KNOW MORE: Russia has a date for Putin-Biden talks

“There are areas in we have overlapping interests and us should to be in degree of work together if we can have some stability and predictability in the report. The actions of Russia and the threat of further aggression against Ukraine moves in exactly the opposite direction” Blinken said.

Moscow has categorically denied the US allegations of “aggression” against Ukraine.

Blinken has just returned from a trip in Europe, where met with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. One of the arguments on their agenda was the next Putin-Biden summit, which still is in organization phase.

The two leaders last met in Geneva, Switzerland in June. They did not hold a joint press conference after the summit.

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Source RT News.

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