Biden: We are concerned that Elon Musk will buy a platform that spreads lies around the world

US President Joe Biden said Friday, commenting on billionaire Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, that Musk had bought a platform for social media that spreads lies in Worldwide.

Twitter laid off half of its workforce on Friday, but said the cuts were at a lower level in team responsible for preventing the dissemination of information false after advertisers withdrew funds due to concerns about content oversight.

“Now what worries us all is: Elon Musk is buying a tool that sends lies in all over the world … There are no more publishers in America. There are no publishers. How can we expect children to be aware of the risk? ”Biden told a fundraiser.

White House spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre said in earlier to reporters that Biden had been clear on the need to curb hate speech and the false information.

“This extends to Twitter, extends to Facebook and any other platform of social media through which users can publish information false”, he added.

Musk has vowed to restore freedom of expression by preventing Twitter from plunging into the “cliff”. But months ago, major advertisers expressed concern over its acquisition of Twitter.

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