Biden: We have information on who was behind the Kabul attack and we will respond strongly

US President Joe Biden, commenting on the bloody attack that shook the Kabul airport Thursday, leaving dozens of dead and wounded, including American soldiers, said that “the intelligence services expected a similar attack in Kabul” .

Biden confirmed, in a speech delivered by the White House following the attack, that “the attacks in Kabul were launched by ISIS”, as announced in precedence by the organization itself.

From helping the wounded in the attack on Kabul airport

From helping the wounded in the attack on Kabul airport

Biden praised the American soldiers “who sacrificed themselves in the attacks in Kabul” and promised “to hunt down the perpetrators of the attack”. He continued: “We will not tolerate responding to those involved in the attack on the Kabul airport. US forces will respond with force, firmness and precision. in Afghanistan “.

Biden also considered that “the situation on the pitch in Afghanistan still is in via development “, adding that” the Khorasan Organization “(which is the branch of ISIS in Afghanistan) “has planned several operations against the Americans in Afghanistan “.

Biden stressed: “We will not forgive and prosecute those involved in the attack on the Kabul airport. I asked that plans be prepared to strike ISIS-Khorasan. in Afghanistan “, adding that he ordered the military leaders” to do their utmost to protect our forces in Kabul “.

Biden did not rule out sending additional troops to Kabul “if necessary”, adding: “We will save the Americans and get our Afghan allies out.” He revealed that he had “consulted military commanders and the Pentagon on the best way to end the war” and that he had not supported anyone who could “use the Bagram evacuation base”.

In another context, he held that “it is in the interest of the Taliban that ISIS does not expand in Afghanistan “, adding:” We have informed the Taliban of the need to increase security checks in the vicinity of the Kabul airport “.

He continued: “We have information on who was behind the attack at Kabul airport, but we are not sure”, adding that “there are no prove of a relationship between the Taliban and ISIS in the attack on Kabul airport “.

Wounded in the explosion of the Kabul airport

Wounded in the explosion of the Kabul airport

The US president has not ruled out the occurrence of new attacks in the Afghan capital.

He also defended his handling of the gravest foreign policy crisis, saying it was his ultimate responsibility as he blamed his Republican predecessor Donald Trump for the 2020 deal Trump negotiated with the Taliban.

When asked if he was responsible for the events of the past two weeks, Biden told reporters: “Basically I take responsibility for everything that has happened recently.”

In another context, he considered that “US forces have carried out an unprecedented evacuation operation in Afghanistan “, noting that” they have evacuated more than 100,000 American and Afghan citizens “. He stressed that” the terrorist attacks will not dissuade US forces from continuing the evacuation from Afghanistan “.

He continued: “We will work to evacuate all Americans who wish to leave Afghanistan”, but felt that “there are no guarantees to evacuate all those who wish to leave Afghanistan”. But Biden returned and added: “We will not leave Afghan contractors behind until the end of August 31”.

He also said he does not trust the Taliban but believes it is in the movement’s interest to allow the evacuations from Afghanistan to continue.

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