Biden: “Willing to talk” with Putin just in case

US President Joe Biden today expressed his willingness to talk to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, “if he is looking for a way to end the war” in Ukraine, stressing that he and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, are determined to hold Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for his war on the world.

“Putin believes he can crush the will of all those who oppose his imperial ambitions, but attack civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, stifle energy for Europe to raise prices, exacerbate the food crisis, it hurts,” Biden said, during a bilateral press conference. with French President Emmanuel Macron in the White House, very vulnerable people, not only in Ukraine but in Worldwide”.

Putin will not succeed

He added: “And for you, Putin will not succeed? .. President Macron and I have agreed that we will continue to work together to hold Russia accountable for its actions and mitigate the global effects of Putin’s war on the world.”

Biden also reiterated that “the United States and France strongly oppose Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine.”

“We affirm today that France and the United States with all our allies … are stronger than ever against Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine,” the US president said.

“We will continue to give strong support to the Ukrainian people as they defend their homeland, their families, their sovereignty and their territorial integrity against the incredibly brutal Russian aggression,” he added.

Biden also thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for taking in Ukrainian refugees so far during the war.

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