Biden: Zelensky is deaf to our warnings about Russia

“He did not want to listen to our warnings …” With this sentence, US President Joe Biden addressed a delicate and mild criticism, so to speak, of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who, since the outbreak of the conflict with Russia, has not stopped appealing to the West, in particularly to the United States, to supply him with weapons.

Biden confirmed during a reception in Los Angeles to raise funds for the Democratic Party on Friday night that his Ukrainian counterpart “did not want to hear American warnings before Russia invaded his country,” as he said.

“People thought I was exaggerating.”

“A lot of people thought I was exaggerating when he talked about a Russian attack on Ukraine before it started,” he said, according to AFP.

He also added to a number of reporters that his country had information in this direction. “Putin was about to cross the border, there was no doubt, but Zelensky didn’t want to hear it,” she added.

The United States had begun to warn about Russia’s preparations to enter its western neighbor’s territory several months before the Russian president announced on Feb.24 the launch of what he described as a special operation to liberate residents of the Donbass region. .

However, these American warnings have been met with skepticism and have provoked somewhat veiled criticism from some European allies.

Biden’s statements come today in one moment in which Ukraine is witnessing violent battles in the east, while Russian forces are trying to control the last Ukrainian strongholds in Luhansk, to impose their hold on the Donbass, and open a wide land corridor between the east and Crimea in the south , and amid fears of some officials in Kiev that the West is getting tired of supporting the country if fighting continues for more months, a possibility many observers foresee.

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