Biden’s approval score BEATS while Vice President Harris does even worse

US President Joe Biden’s approval rate fell below 38% according to new USA Today poll, which also reveals the majority of The Americans interviewed did not want to him run for President again.

A survey by USA Today and Suffolk University of 1,000 registered US voters last week found That just 37.8% of voters approve of “the work that Biden did as president”, with 59% disagree that the president made a good work.

Even fewer Americans approve of Vice President Kamala Harris. Only 27.8% of respondents believe Harris made a good work, with a consistent 21% of undecided, according to the widespread survey on released on Sunday.

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A majority (44%) of independent voters said Biden did worse as president than they expected and a whopping 64% of Americans – of which 28% of Democrats – they said no want Biden a run for President again. The poll showed that Americans are even more contrary to Biden’s race for President again of what I am former President Donald Trump. 58% of voters, of which 24% of Republicans, they oppose the Trump race for another term.

Respondents said they were more probably vote for a Republican congress candidate versus Democrat if the elections were held today by 46% -38%.

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The results of the polls are another blow to the Democratic Party after this heavy electoral losses past week, which included Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin who defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe to replace Democrat Ralph Northam as governor.

The poll was conducted before House Democrats passed a $ 1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill on Friday with the help of 13 Republican lawmakers. Biden in previously he had linked the signing of the bill to the passage of its Build Back Better social spend package, which the Democrats hope to do pass through a special Senate procedure without republican votes. While the majority of respondents or 61% supported the infrastructure bill, the survey found that the public is divided on the Build Back Better plan. About 44% percent opposed it, while 47% expressed it support. Furthermore, about 30% of respondents believe it would harm effect on their families, while 26% think they would benefit from its provisions.

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