Biden’s mind fitness increasingly worries voters – poll

Almost half of American voters do not think that President Joe Biden firing on all cylinders. At nearly 80, Biden’s low approval rating has been linked with its apparently declining mental faculties.

A political / morning consultation survey published on Wednesday showed only 40% of voters who agree that Biden “And in good Health,” a 19 points drop since the voters were asked the same question in October 2020.

About 46% of voters have calculated that Biden is mentally in form, while 48% disagree, another huge one drop from last October. Back in October 2020, with a month before the presidential election, voters believed America’s oldest leader to be taken office it was mentally in shape with a margin of 21 points.

Biden’s mental health has long been a focus of Republican attacks. However, criticism from the right of Biden’s brainpower entered the mainstream from Biden took office. Videos showing Biden forgetting names of his own foreign officials and dignitaries, wandering lost in global summits, and most recently praising the “great Negro” baseball player Satchel Paige are all eroded public confidence in Biden’s cognitive abilities.

Meantime, record high gas prices, skyrocketing inflation, lackluster job numbers and shortages of food and consumer goods have all dented Biden’s approval ratings. A USA Today poll earlier this month put Biden’s approval rate below 38% and while 44% of voters in Politico / Morning Consult poll approved on Wednesday of Biden’s work as president, 58% disagree with the declaration “Joe Biden is capable of leading Country.”

Biden turns 79 on Saturday, and even if he said he will run for re-election in 2024, he will be 81 when Americans go to the polls that year. The poll on Thursday found than the majority of voters felt that Biden lacks energy, he is not a “clear communicator “ and he is not a strong leader.

However, should Biden pass the torch to Vice President Kamala Harris of the Democratic Party problems it probably wouldn’t be relieved. Harris is historically unpopular, with a sad approval rating of just 28%.

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