Biden’s Secret Effort. He helped Ukraine assassinate Russian generals

In recent months and since the beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, American aid to Kiev was not limited to military aid, but the United States provided intelligence information on Russian units, which allowed Ukrainians to target and kill many Russian generals who died during that period, according to reports. by senior US officials.

Informed sources revealed that the Ukrainians killed nearly 12 generals in frontline, a number that surprised military analysts.

He also made it clear that targeted assistance was part of a covert effort by the Biden administration to provide timely battlefield information to Ukrainians, according to a New York Times report.

Russian officers killed

The intelligence also included planned Russian troop movements derived from recent US assessments of Moscow’s secret combat plan to fight in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

Officials declined to say how many generals were killed due to US assistance.

The United States also focused on providing the location and other details of the headquarters mobile of the Russian army often displaced.

Ukrainian officials combined this geographic information with their own intelligence, including intercepted communications alerting the Ukrainian military to the presence of senior Russian officers to conduct artillery strikes and other attacks that killed Russian officers.

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Changing the information is part of the help

Furthermore, the exchange of intelligence is part of American aid, which includes heavy weapons worth tens of billions.

The support of US intelligence had a very important impact on the Ukrainians on the battlefield, especially in achieving predetermined goals

The US administration, in turn, tried to keep much of the intelligence on the battlefield secret, fearing it would be seen as escalating and provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin. in a wider war.

Interestingly, US officials did not disclose their sources to obtain information on the Russian forces headquarters, for fear of jeopardizing their collection methods.

But during the war, US intelligence agencies used a variety of sources, including commercial and clandestine satellites, to track the movements of Russian forces.

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