Biden’s “summit” for Democracy snubs majors international players

President Joe Biden got loose international indignation snubbing more majors countries in an upcoming “summit” for Democracy “, while trying to draw a line between what the United States sees as democracies and” autocratic governments “.

The summit for Democracy ‘is set be held in December, with the express goal of bring together leaders “To address the biggest threats faced from today’s democracies “ but the guest list has caused a backlash after the United States failed to invite countries like Russia and Turkey.

China was notably absent from the guests, while the disputed territory of Taiwan was invited to participate. The Chinese Foreign Ministry blew up the United States for this move, stating that it is “Strongly opposed to inviting Taiwan to the United States-hosted” event.

The tensions between the two sides over the invitation to the summit comes just days after President Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping discussed the issue of Taiwan during a bilateral meeting. At the time, Xi warned the United States that China would be forced to act “If the separatist forces for Taiwan’s independence provokes us” while America has expressed its commitment to one-China policy.

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In the Middle East, only Israel and Iraq received summit invitations, while US allies Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were all left off the list, risking American relations in the region.

Even European nations were not free from anger, like the United States extended an invitation in Poland, excluding neighboring Hungary and its right-wing leader, Prime Minister Viktor Orban. The United States summit will be the first of Two events, claiming to bring together Democratic leaders for “Against authoritarianism, combat corruption and promoting respect for human rights.”

The US State Department has not yet responded to concerns about exclusion of many nations since event.

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