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Bierhoff worried about the increase in injuries in view of the World Cup

Munich-Germany: With the start of the World Cup in Qatar at the gates, Oliver Bierhoff, director of the German Football Association, is worried, given the growing number of injuries before the start of the World Cup. “There is always the fear that influential players will get injured just before the start of the World Cup, which will make them unable to participate in the tournament,” Bierhoff told dpa today. Doubts revolve over Borussia Monchengladbach midfielder Jonas Hoffmann’s participation with the German national team at the World Cup, after suffering a serious injury during his side’s 1-2 defeat to Darmstadt in German Cup, Tuesday. Gladbach manager Daniel Varkey spoke of a possible “long rest period” for the player after the match. “I talked to him (Hoffmann) this morning,” Bierhoff said. It’s not my duty to diagnose or speculate about other things, but it looked better. ”Hoffmann’s absence from the World Cup finals, which kick off on November 20, will be a major blow to German national team manager Hansi Flick, while Bierhoff stressed that the player has become an essential element of the team, especially due to his ability to play in more than one location. . Bayern Munich winger Leroy Sane, champion of Germany in the last ten seasons, last Sunday suffered a tear in the muscle fibers of the thigh, while Manuel Neuer, captain and goalkeeper of the German national team, missed the last two games of the Bavarian team at due to a shoulder injury. However, Bierhoff said there were no “warning signs” that Sane and Neuer could miss the World Cup, explaining that Hoffman’s situation was different. (Dpa)


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