Big Brother Season 25: Major Spoiler – Jag Wins Week 13 Veto, Cirie Faces Certain Eviction

Big Brother Live Feeds Update: An Exciting Week 13 Comes to a Close

Big Brother Season 25

Major Spoiler: Jag Wins the Week 13 Veto!

The latest episode of Big Brother Season 25 has wrapped, and the live feeds have provided some juicy details on what went down. This week, Matt Klotz, the current Head of Household (HOH), had the power to shake things up but decided to stick with his alliance of Jag Bains and Bowie Jane. As a result, Felicia Johnson and Cirie Fields were nominated for eviction.

However, the veto competition gave the remaining houseguests a chance to change the game. Unfortunately, the outcome was somewhat predictable, and it seems that one houseguest’s fate is sealed.

Jag Bains is the new record-holder for the most veto wins in a single season, tying with Season 24’s Michael Bruner. With Jag’s dominant performance, it raises the question of whether Matt regrets saving him from eviction earlier in the game.

Cirie Fields’ Eviction Seems Inevitable

With Jag holding the veto, Cirie’s position in the game looks dire. The odds are against her, as Jag and Bowie are expected to vote unanimously to evict Cirie. Matt, despite being her secret ally, won’t be able to save her.

Between the two nominees, Jag recognizes Cirie as the more dangerous threat. She has a storied history in reality TV, having competed on Survivor and winning The Traitors. Although her past accomplishments don’t guarantee success in Big Brother Season 25, the jury might vote for her based on her reputation and gameplay.

Felicia, on the other hand, has been the house cook and is valued for her culinary skills by the remaining houseguests. This factor is likely contributing to the decision to keep her in the game a little longer.

While it’s disappointing to see Cirie’s journey come to an end, it was somewhat expected given her status as a reality TV legend. Despite her strong social game, she never won a competition this season, leaving her vulnerable.

Make sure to catch the remaining episodes of Big Brother Season 25 on CBS to see how everything unfolds. And if you want to stay updated, don’t forget to tune into the live feeds on Paramount+ or watch the ad-supported version on Pluto TV.

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