Bill Gates Foundation: Corona plunged 31 million new people into poverty

According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s fifth annual doorman, the current coronavirus pandemic has pushed another 31 million people in all over the world in extreme poverty, holding back global progress in ending poverty for four years.

The report – which examines global progress in vaccine access, poverty reduction and other health problems – also found that the pandemic significantly reduced routine childhood vaccination rates, widened the educational gap between poor and rich countries, and increased health inequalities.

The report calls on world leaders to make the long-term investments needed to develop and manufacture vaccines and strengthen public health infrastructure. in particularly in low-income countries, where many people have not been in able to avoid some of the worst effects of the pandemic, according to CNBC, which has seen it. Al”.

For his part, Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman said Covid has led to “meaningful” reflection on a number of global health efforts.

“Instead of lifting tens of millions of people out of extreme poverty,” he added, 31 million new people have fallen into extreme poverty. “We see a stagnation in course in other indicators, from stunting and nutrition to some challenges in education “.

Global health officials and medical experts fear the economic impact may be exacerbated. As vaccination rates remain low in many parts of the world, new variants are emerging, causing the spread of more strains and requiring countries to reintroduce public health measures.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 5.5 billion doses of the Corona vaccine have been administered worldwide. However, 80% of them are gone in high or middle-income countries.

The percentage of the world population that lives in extreme poverty, defined as living on $ 1.90 a day, has dropped from 37% to 9% over the past two decades. However, according to the report, poverty levels have stopped falling and are likely to remain at current levels over the next few years as the virus continues to spread.

“With most of the rich countries in largely vaccinated, most of them will see a recovery in per capita income before the crisis quest’year, “he said.” But within the next year, two-thirds of the countries in via development will still be below their 2019 per capita … and some countries will have many more years before returning to 2019 levels. “

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