Bill Gates participates in building new experimental nuclear reactor

A new experimental nuclear reactor will be built in the American state of Idaho, with the partecipation of a company co-founded by billionaire Bill Gates.

The project, estimated at cost 170 million dollars, it will be in part funded by Gates nuclear power power TerraPower company, while most of the money it will come from the United States Department of Energy (DoE). Driven by one of The largest gas and electricity utility in the United States, the Southern Company, will do so also use technology from the company of the businessman, who works on experimental nuclear reactors.

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Buffett and Gates are building Nuclear power plant in coal country

Buffett and Gates are building Nuclear power plant in coal country

The small Idaho fast the reactor is said to be the first of its kind, using molten chloride, according to Southern’s statement, cited by US media. It aims to research and develop a carbon-free energy source, operating to higher temperatures above traditional nuclear reactors.

Expected to enter in service in five years, the reactor is reportedly targeting heavy industry consumers rather than generating electricity for the public.

before this year, TerraPower, co-founded by Gates in 2006, announced would be build his first nuclear power plant in Wyoming. Structure, with an advance cost of $ 1 billion, will have a unique guy of reactor that uses Natrium as his power source. The sodium reactor was initially designed for construction in Beijing, but the project never materialized there.

Bill Gates has long been known as a vocal advocate of nuclear power, saying its next generation reactors will harm the planet far less than fossil fuels, which all contain carbon. He recently defended nuclear reactors against alternative energy sources as well, claiming that they are more reliable, in how much”produce electricity even when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. “

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